Lebron making 2007 Finals Most Overrated Accomplishment ever

LebornLebron Clippers1:30 pm Mon Apr 15 EDT Removed

Its incredible that after all these years people like to talk about Lebron making the 2007 NBA Finals as being such an incredible feat. It isnt. Pure and simple. If people care to look at facts. Lets look at FACTS. 1. First Round. Washington Wizards. This was an absolute cake walk. The Wizards were 41-41. But that is not all. The Wizards best player (Gilbert Arenas) was out for the entire series. The Wizards without Arenas were a 25 win team. They were literally one of the worst teams in the entire NBA. No surprise the Cavs sweep. 2. Second Round. New Jersey Nets. Is this a joke? The Nets were 41-41. Another team without a winning record. Cavs win in 6. Lebron didnt even play that well. He averaged 25 points on 41.9% FG. So the Cavs made the ECF without playing a single team with a winning record. 3. Eastern Conference Finals. Detroit Pistons. Many people think this was a great Piston team. They absolutely were not. This was not the 2004 Champion Pistons who had an amazing defense. 4x Defensive player of the Year Ben Wallace was gone. Coach Brown was gone. Not a single player on this team averaged 20 points. Pistons were 53-29. Look at the West. Mavs won 67. Suns 61. Spurs 58. But it gets worse. The Pistons record versus the West was 17-13. If the Pistons played a Western Conference schedule they would have won 50 games that year. The Jazz and Rockets won 51 and 52 games. So if the Pistons were in the West they would be the 6th seed. The Pistons would be the 6th seed in the West. Yes, Lebron had a legendary Game 5 putting up 48 points. Amazing. But lets not act like he was amazing the entire series: Game 1 - 5/15 with 10 points in a loss Game 2 - 7/19 with 19 points in a loss Game 6 - 3/11 with 20 points. It was actually Daniel Gibson with 31 points on 9 shots that won that game. Overall - 25.7 points on 41.9% FG. So who did Lebron beat to make the Finals? 1. 25 win team (when you take into account Arenas injury) 2. 41-41 Team 3. Detroit Piston team that would have been the 6th seed in the West So it that REALLY a great accomplishment? Nah. Not really. And this was emphasized in the Finals where he meet a real team. 22 points on 35% FG, 20% 3FG, 69% FT A horrible 42.8% TS 7 assists and 6 turnovers a game So beating 2 teams that would not even make the West playoffs and a 6th seed. Not impressive.