The Warriors will absolutely SMASH the Rockets this year

LebornLebron Clippers11:29 am Mon Apr 15 EDT Removed

3 really basic reasons. 1. They are Serious this time. Last year after the Warriors stole home court in game 1 half the team shut it down. They were in cruise mode. Im not even joking. Even in Game 7 they didnt even play hard till the 2nd half. This year? They have heard all the talk of pundits saying they would have lost if CP3 wasnt hurt. They will go full bore and try to sweep the Rockets this time. 2. Iguadala will be healthy. 3. Cousins will absolutely demolish the Rockets. Rockets will switch everything. This will put Cousins against small guards. He will absolutely smash them. Even Capela got crushed by Cousins in the post. Rockets will have to stop switching and that will open up the entire Warrior offense. This wont be pretty. Warriors in 4. Warriors in 5 if they coast after going up 3-0.