The whole world is down on Simmons When Giannis is actually the same

LebornLebron Clippers10:43 am Mon Apr 15 EDT Removed

I see everyone bashing Simmons non-stop. Killing the guy. This is only his 2nd year in the league. On the other hand everyone is standing in line to throw praise on Giannis. This is Giannis 6th year. Guess what? These two basically have the EXACT SAME weakness. Both cant shoot a lick beyond 3 feet. The only difference? One plays on a team that hides his weakness (a team loaded with 3 point shooting) and one is built horribly. Throw Simmons on the Bucks and he will have easy paths to the basket the entire game. He would dominate. big time. Problem is on the 76ers there is always at least 1 if not 2 dudes in the paint waiting for him. The spacing sucks. Throw Giannis on the 76ers and he would struggle. Teams could easily double team him and pack the paint because every 76ers lineup has at least 2 bad shooters. Go bash me all you want. But wait till we get deep in the playoffs when the elite teams will be able to force Lopez off the floor. Then they will pack the paint and lets see how efficient Giannis will be. When Giannis will be forced to shoot he will be as horrible as Simmons has been. Im sorry but in todays NBA you are not going to win at the elite level if you cant shoot beyond 3 feet. It does not matter if you are Simmons or Giannis .