How comes that James Harden isnt regarded as the best player in NBA since 2017-18 season

Varnagel_1 NBA12:29 am Mon Apr 15 EDT Removed

Theres no doubt that Harden is an exceptional player whos having an MVP caliber season. And during the previous year, he won MVP award. But Harden has never been regarded as the best player itw, something I dont understand. Most people are well-aware that Warriors are the clear-cut favorites to win NBA. LeBron James was once used to be seen as the best player itw (before missing the playoffs with the Lakers) and even he got swept by Warriors in NBA Finals 2014. On the other hand, Harden pushed Warriors to Game 7 thanks to his individual greatness. If Giannis made such a thing, people will say he was the best player itw. But why cannot people say the same about Harden?