r NBA is not reactionary during the playoffs

WatchMe_Nene [DEN] Nene Hilario12:15 am Mon Apr 15 EDT Removed

I see many comments stating that r/NBA is incredibly reactionary during the playoffs. This is simply false. According to [grammarist.com](https://grammarist.com), "The [adjective](https://grammarist.com/grammar/adjectives/) ***reactionary*** is a political term meaning *veryconservative*. It also functions as a [noun](https://grammarist.com/grammar/nouns/) describing someone who is politically reactionary. If you need an adjective meaning (1) *tending to react* or (2) *characterized by reaction*, go with ***reactive***." Ergo, ipso facto, r/NBA is incredibly reactive during the playoffs, not reactionary. Thank you for your time.