Prediction LeBron to retire from basketball join Cleveland Browns Goes back to Lakers in 1-2 seasons Setting up Space Jam 2 story line

WithANameLikeThat [MIA] Dwyane Wade5:57 pm Thu Mar 14 EDT Removed

In Space Jam, Bugs Bunny and the crew need to defeat the evil Monstars in a game of basketball so they recruit the best basketball player in the world, Michael Jordan. Michael Jordan is hesitant because he "doesnt play basketball anymore" hes a baseball player. In Space Jam 2, the Monstars are back! Bugs Bunny and the gang need help. MJ is too old to help; the current best basketball player is LeBron James, they ask for his help but, he "doesnt play basketball anymore, he plays football". They convince LeBron to play basketball, defeat the Monstars, LeBron falls back in love with basketball in the movie and rejoins the Lakers in real life after a season off, now Anthony Davis is a free agent, they win 3 rings in a row. LeBron retires for real. Thoughts?