LA Times Participants in the email thread between Azoff Buss and Rambis refer to Clippers owner Steve Ballmer as Ballz or Balls express shock about his plan to build an arena and appear to mock the chances for success

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Context: > From: Irving Azoff >Sent: Wednesday, June 14, 2017 3:59 PM >To: Linda Rambis ; Jeanie Buss ; Tim Leiweke >Subject: >Tomorrow am there will be a press conference in Inglewood.. they will announce that ballz and the clippers have optioned land on century blvd to build a new arena. we were blind sided and not involved in the process. its a long way to fruition but we should talk about how it impacts the lakers, forum, etc.! > On Jun 14, 2017, at 9:48 PM, Jeanie Buss wrote: > > We need to see you nugget!! Didnt Ballz see what we did to my brother?? He will have nothing but Clippers basketball. Whoopee. > On Jun 14, 2017, at 8:21 PM, Irving Azoff wrote: > >Whens your lease up. ? I know dodger had been discussed but the neighbors there are already up in arms about four concerts a year. I think entitlements there would take forever. I know phils an impediment too! This would force ballz and phil back together at staples.