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In light of James Dolan being the worst owner in all of professional sports and the oldest spoiled lil brat in NYC, I propose that we start a campaign #selltheKnicks in which our main objective is to make that message so ubiquitous that Dolan cant ignore it. If he is kicking people out of games AND shitty concerts for fans showing their concern for the direction of the team so be it. Let him kick us out. He ban every fan that shows up to the game supporting our campaign, he can throw out 5 of the 9 people that attend his trash concerts. Eventually, ideally, if we can make this movement large enough, we can effect his bottom line and that is all that greedy bastard cares about. I normally would make this a Knicks only thing but the improvement of a storied franchise is beneficial for the whole league. Please help in making James Dolans failures to fans and the city follow him wherever he goes until he agrees to sell the Knicks. #selltheKnicks