NBA nickname alert

GordonHaywardBroken Wizards12:39 pm Thu Mar 14 EDT Removed

This summer the LA Lakers decided Thomas Bryant wasn’t good enough for them.Then he went to the Wizards and Scott Brooks being the great coach that he is ,felt Thomas needed some time in the G-League.Then,Dwight Howard hurt his ass at an orgy.Next thing you know Thomas was tying wilts records,he was leading the team in field goal Efficiency,and playing with a passion and killer instinct none could match.Every game Thomas got better and better and now he’s about to get paid this offseason.Why?Because he plays the game like a crackhead .Going for rebounds out of his vicinity and Dunking on centers with AUTHORITY,Nobody is more intense and juiced up then my guy: Ladies and Gentlemen I present, Thomas “the Crack Mamba” Bryant