Does the Knicks distance from their training facility ruin its draw as a big market team

theclownermb 2:43 pm Mon Feb 11 EDT 0 ups @ 0.29 Deleted

The Knicks ubiquitously known poor ownership and controversial front office reigns over the past two decades have damaged New York as a potential landing destination for many free agents. Perhaps another reason is the distance from the famed Madison Square Garden from the teams main training facility? For those that dont know the Knicks training facility is located in Tarrytown in Westchester. The distance from it to MSG is an hour, if youre lucky not getting caught in traffic. This could ruin two of the biggest draws to NYC as a big market location, living in the city and playing in MSG. If you want to live in per say the Upper East Side, you have to frequently commute an hour to the training facility, so you might then choose to live in an upper-class Westchester town, which then requires an hour commute game days to MSG and also keeps you away from the city.