If the Raptors made this trade would they be favorites to win the NBA title

DMan9797 Pistons2:00 pm Mon Feb 11 EDT Deleted

**Pelicans receive:** 1. Guard: Kyle Lowry ($31.2M - 2 years) 2. Guard: Fred VanVleet ($8.6M - 2 years) 3. Wing: OG Anunoby ($2.0M - 3 years) 4. Big: Pascal Siakam ($1.5M - 2 years) 5. Unprotected 1st Round Pick (2020) 6. Unprotected 1st Round Pick (2022) 7. Lottery Protected 1st Round Pick (2024) 8. Unprotected 2nd Round Pick (2020) ------------------------------------------------------------------ **Raptors receive:** 1. Guard: Jrue Holiday ($25.9M - 3 years) 2. Big: Anthony Davis ($25.4M - 2 years) ------------------------------------------------------------------ If this trade went down the Raptors could run a line up of: 1. PG: Jrue Holiday 2. SG: Danny Green 3. SF: Kawhi Leonard 4. PF: Anthony Davis 5. C: Marc Gasol 6. Bench: Ibaka, McCaw, Powell, Loyd, Boucher Only downside is the Raps lose the ability to play small ball with Lowry-Green-OG-Kawhi-Siakam and are forced to play 3 bigs (AD, Gasol, and Ibaka) heavy minutes but AD is such a unique big that it may not matter much - at least in the Eastern Playoffs. The Pelicans get a bounty of picks that are interesting with looming free agencies of both Kawhi and AD and receive plenty of flippable assets for more picks if they wish to do so and full send on their tank. I understand the trade deadline has come and gone but if you are bored on /r/new what do you think?