If you are going to use your platform to make it seem like youre being profound just every once in awhile throw in something profound - Bill Simmons on LeBron and his impact

zachwilson23 Bulls1:03 pm Mon Feb 11 EDT Removed

Let me preface this by saying that I respect Bill Simmons and generally enjoy his podcast. Also this was a quote from the NBA trade deadline pod, so I am a few days behind on listening. But I have some beef with this statement. About an hour and 25 minutes into the podcast, Bill goes on a little tangent about how cliche LeBron is. Now in some aspects, thats certainly a valid point. Everyone is cliche in some ways. However, LeBron called our president a bum on social media. Id say thats pretty profound. So this comment as well as the surrounding context got under my skin. Ive grown up with LeBron and as far as I can tell, hes "used his platform" more maturely and effectively than maybe any other athlete ever. Not to mention hes a great role model just by example as a father, as a young black male, and as a successful person. Id argue hes done much more with his platform to impact players, children, the African American community, and much more than Bill has ever done with his platform. So this true just seemed incredibly unwarranted and just seems like a meritless jab at LeBron for no good reason. Its probably not a big deal and even if this gets traction he, perhaps Im overreacting. But I just listened to that and was somewhat appalled that someone like Bill, whos very smart, successful, and has a big platform of his own, would throw out a diss like that without much supporting evidence. Okay rant over, sorry folks. Just wanted to at least share my thoughts on that. Thanks for taking the time to read for you those of you who did.