Carmelo Anthony and Just Ridiculous Smith will never play another NBA game again Change my mind

issagrxwnchild NBA12:11 pm Mon Feb 11 EDT Removed

Theres no helping J.R. and Carmelo is in denial that hes reached the end of the road. Carmelo is like a used luxury car and the buyer (Rockets/Thunder) didnt really have a grasp on exactly how used this car was. It looks nice, it has a big name, but it doesnt perform as well as it used to. It starts sputtering once you get out of the driveway because it rarely gets is oil changed or tune ups and all that other stuff. If youve noticed, Carmelo is very out of shape. Thats a big reason why hes in the situation that he is in. ​ Maybe if one of the players told Carmelo that La La smells like honey nut cheerios, hed still be playing right now, but thats just my opinion.