Bucks can castrate Eastern Elite

fullcourtdigress 12:00 pm Mon Feb 11 EDT 0 ups @ 0.50 Removed

Full disclosure Im a Bucks fan and as such I took perverse pleasure in the trade deadline. Since you asked, I filled my bathtub with green and purple cubes of jello and waded, daydreaming of future glory and as the final crank from Rachel Nichols trade deadline lever rang out like the scream of a climaxing tortoise I felt optimistic in way that scared me. Thanks to the maneuvers of the rest of the Easts elite teams the Bucks now have an opportunity to solidify their place atop the Eastern Conference hierarchy for a long time to come- all theyve got to do it win. In recap- Philly doubled down on accelerating their championship timeline with the addition of Tobias Harris (at the expense of depth, their guard rotation and potentially future cap space), the Raptors traded for an aging dairy cow and hinged their seemingly slim hopes of resigning Kawhi to a playoff run helmed by him, a biscuit-bodied point guard, and Gasol (the dairy cow). Meanwhile the Celtics look dysfunctional and one underwhelming playoff run away from losing Kyrie and the prospect of trading for AD. Easier said than done, but if the Bucks can reach the NBA Finals it could be at the expense of Torontos ability to convince Kawhi to stay and Bostons ability to convince Kyrie to stay. Phillys situation is the hardest to predict should this occur but at the very least one of their "Medium 4" () will be disgruntled and Elton Brand will be confronted with some very tough decisions regarding the resigning (or lack thereof) of Harris/Butler and a potentially disgruntled Simmons/Embiid. In this scenario it would be hard to see any of the Bucks impending free agents walking away from reasonable internal offers and the prospect of solidifying their place atop the East for years to come. Admittedly my pants have tightened and I dont feel really good about getting my hopes up but if the Bucks make the finals this year the East may be theirs for years to come.... or until KD, Kyrie and AD team up in New York. I have a pod btw for those interested- "Full Court Digress"