Theory Brad Stevens made the Celtics falling apart

summersoulxdd 76ers6:45 am Mon Feb 11 EDT Deleted

Getting Haward back from such an injury, Brad should just give him time to slowly recover, playing from the bench with short minutes first, until hes fully good again. But Hayward was immediately a starter, and I think that made guys like Baynes, Smart, Brown, Rozier who were starters last year, frustrated. Even when he didnt perform well, when he looked like he didnt fit in the flow of the team at all, just standing in the corner and didnt move without the ball, he was still the starter next game. Of course, he was moved to the bench after like 10 games or so, but still log some heavy minutes when he still played bad. This must have caused frustration in Brown (he had a wonderful season), Smart (got a new contract and been working hard to get to a more important role), Rozier (who wants to be a starter), Morris (playing a miraculous season) and Baynes (a starter and contributed so much in their playoff run). Kyries fuck Thanksgiving, Morris and Brown shoving, Morris saying that team is something something invidual all starts from this.