NBA screening

rainbows82 Jazz1:27 am Mon Feb 11 EDT Removed

If you saw [the controversial ending of of the warriors-heat game](, you are probably talking about the double dribble. Watch the Demarcus Cousins screen though. This is 10/10 an illegal screen. Im not saying this should be called, as almost every screen looks kind of like this. However, if we do not expect offensive players to be completely set when they are setting screens, then how can we expect defensive players to be completely set when they are trying to stay in front of someone like James Harden? There is a harsh double standard in the NBA. If a defender is moving a centimeter to the side, the refs will call a blocking foul, yet illegal screens like this one are never called. Personally, I would like to see more no-calls when players are defending and [an offensive player initiates contact.](