Damn imagine if the 6ers drafted

PepperSanders Lakers11:33 pm Sun Feb 10 EDT Removed

Kyle Kuzma. I dont care how ridiculous it sounds, how little you guys like it. Kyle Kuzma is an offensive star. He could be the highest scoring 4 in the league. The DLo trade sucks, but Kuzma for DLo in a vacuum I can live with. Ill take that. Kyle Kuzma is probably going to be like a top 5 scorer in the league once he gets traded. The only thing holding him back is Luke Walton. Kyle Kuzma is easily the Lakers second best player, followed by BI, followed by Rondo, followed by Lonzo, then Hart, then Lance, then you coin flip the centers, then KCP, then Bullock, then Carmelo, then whatever. What Kuzma lacks in ability and accomplishment he makes up for in swag and youth is the point though. And Ill just go ahead and say it: hes better than Jayson Tatum.