If Lonzo Was Willing To Play For The Pelicans Then AD Is A Laker Now

Phantom255x Celtics10:25 pm Sun Feb 10 EDT Removed

This is the thing I feel a lot of people are missing in the saga. The Lakers offered a grand package and the Pelicans probably should have accepted it w/Kuzma included as was reported. However, it was also known earlier in negotiations that they really wanted Lonzo to be their PG of the future and they felt he could have really elevated his game away from Lebron/Lakers. So if the Pelicans knew that Lonzo wasnt going to play there, then what is the Lakers package? Kuzma, Zubac, and then like 3-4 future first rounders likely in the 24-30 range? (Since AD + Lebron makes playoffs annually) I dont think the Pelicans viewed Ingram and Hart as highly and thats also key in this. They also dont really care about the expirings/$$$ in terms of long term assets. They could have added a 3rd team in this like the Suns to take back Lonzo, but what of value could the Suns send to the Pelicans if the Suns wouldnt give up their own potential Top-5 picks? And I think NOLA really wanted a young PG in return which the Suns also wanted and get in this scenario. It was never really about Celtics young core vs. Lakers young core. If Lonzo was willing to play with the Pelicans and his dad kept quiet, Im confident AD is with the Lakers now and Kuzma, Ball and others are with the Pelicans. The Lakers could still grab him this summer though (certainly not out of the question).