26 M4F where are all the big girls at

smallandfun1 10:17 pm Sun Feb 10 EDT 0 ups @ 0.33 Removed

Are you a woman with a few extra pounds on you? Does it go straight to your boobs, ass, thighs & Stomach? Maybe you just consider yourself thick. I find it incredibly sexy. And I love a lady whos confident about it. Hell, even if youre not confident about it, maybe I can make you feel sexy. I love the curves that a bigger girl has to offer. Lets chat. We can keep it casual and just chat, but if youre into swapping pics/vids, and maybe getting off together I am completely up for that too. Some of my biggest kinks are Anal, Mommy/Son, & Public. However Im open to just about anything so feel free to throw yours on me (figuratively and literally :P). Id love to moan your name while we get off together =) Also completely open to doing cam if youre up too it. About Me: Im a 26 year old guy with a dad bod. In the process of growing my beard out. Im fully capable of holding a conversation if wanted, and am fairly literate no matter the time lol. As for below the belt? Well I think its more fun if I let you find out. Message me your kik if youre interested, and a little bit about what youre into if you want. Cant wait to hear from ya.