Ben Simmons is a novelty

MalakaiRey Celtics8:16 pm Sun Feb 10 EDT Removed

Bar argument with friends over the future of Ben Simmons. I’ll highlight the points and then statethe hypothesis. * A guard who can’t shoot a 3 isn’t the same as a guard who *never* makes a 3PA. * Ben Simmons is as good as he looks, his strengths are exceptional. * We would still rather have harden, westbrook, irving hands down—simmons is not top 8 and he might be losing ground on every guard who continues to better their game. Future outlook, if it becomes trendy to groom oversized guards without the expectation of even *attempting* long range shots then I don’t think it’ll be hard to find 20 intellogent guards who can pass and defend—who also possess sub-par to terrible shooting skills. It’ll be a short time before a “better” ben simmons is groomed and drafted, for example a guy who can defend ben simmons and shoot more than one 3pt per lunar calendar. Is this wrong? Will ben simmons become great **before** his skill-set is neutralized or more commonplace?