Russell Westbrook isnt having a bad season even as a scorer He is just transitioning back into the role he is comfortable in This is his best season in his true role that he has ever played

selddir_ Thunder7:08 pm Sun Feb 10 EDT Deleted

So, Westbrooks scoring expectations got skewed by his MVP season and by the year KD was injured. Lets break it down. Westbrook, for his entire career, has been a true point guard. He is one of the best distributors in this generation. Probably all time. Yeah he makes some bad decisions in the clutch but that is just a meme. People who have followed his career know what he does. He has always been a Superstar caliber point guard playing *next to* a Superstar caliber small forward. That is what he was from the time he was drafted until KD left. His average numbers from the years with KD (not including the year KD was injured where Russ was the #1 option): 20.8 PPG, 5.4 TRB, 7.4 APG, 1.7 SPG Now, where it gets skewed and our perspective of Westbrook as a player gets skewed are his numbers as the number one option. His scoring. In the three years Westbrook played as a #1 option (2014-15, 2016-17, 2017-18) he averaged: 28.3 PPG, 9.4 TRB, 9.8 APG, and 1.8 SPG So Westbrook as a #1 option this year is indeed having a down year because he isnt the damn #1 option. He is back in his role next to a Superstar small forward (Paul George) and Westbrook in his true role is still very much in his absolute prime averaging: 21.2 PPG, 11.1 TRB, 11.2 APG, and 2.3 SPG Also he is shooting 41% from the field compared to his career average of 43% from the field. So Westbrook is having a 2% slump and everyone is ignoring that the real Westbrook is better than hes ever been. Just my thoughts.