James Harden is basically a Garbage truck driver

swagpig7 Rockets6:53 pm Sun Feb 10 EDT Removed

Ok hear me out. The neighborhood of r/nba has a lot of trash (hate) to throw out and it needs to be picked up by the Garbage truck (Rockets) led by its driver (James Harden). If this trash isn’t picked up, it’s gonna pile up and rot the whole neighborhood. There are some vultures and scavengers that can take some away (Russel Westbrook & Carmelo Anthony for example), but it will never be enough to clean the place up. r/nba would rot. The driver’s family (Rockets’ fans) depends on the driver to earn money (wins) and keep the family afloat. If there’s no Harden, the family isn’t gonna do so well. Of course, James is quite the party guy, so he’s the one throwing the parties for his friends (teammates). If he isn’t there, no one is there to throw the parties and the friends probably won’t keep in touch. His parents (D’antoni) guide him, but don’t really have control over his life. However, if Harden left (died), his parents would spiral into a depression (lose the locker room). Back to the Truck Driving, if he retired (retired) from driving (basketball), the truck (rockets) ain’t going anywhere at all. Not only that, but the trash (hate) of the residents (subscribers to r/nba) would have a shit ton of trash that wouldn’t be going anywhere. They would turn into salty little shitheads (more than they already are) and resort to storing the trash (hate) at the houses of others (they would start shooting hate at other subscribers). They would also get pissed at Waste Management (Rockets’ FO) for not finding a new Driver (A new phenomenal player they can talk crap about and never truly appreciate). Without James Harden (The garbage truck driver), y’all are fucked. Tldr: Harden picks up his trash (hate) from r/nba (neighborhood) and if he didn’t, this sub would be a mess