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Last night the Nets a 19-point underdog defeated the Bucks 119-116 HistoryArchaeologyR🔥01.00
Rudy Gobert has tested positive for Covid19 once againACC1988D🔥🗑60.27
Greg Oden played in more games in his first two seasons 82 compared to Marvin Bagley in his first two 75 SunsFan97R🔥11.00
Can somebody give me a rundown on the race for 8th in the West ahundredheysR🔥31.00
Im a newbie AdnxnnD🔥121.00
League Reset QuestionLechuga1998D🔥41.00
TJ Warren player outlookSol-KingD🔥71.00
What is the play in series throwawaynashville11R🔥31.00
Looking for video of Raptor Laker gameRaingerNateR👏🏻10.60
Terry Rozier has missed the playoffs for the first time in his careerYonatan0000R👏🏻20.54
where tf is devin bookers game winneribreathec_ntD👎🏻60.30
Melo completely strips Harden of the basketball and then closes out and blocks a PJ Tucker corner 3 on b2b defensive stops - Blazers would go on a 10-2 run to win the gameAllureFXD🔥40.85
Jusuf Nurkic since returning from Injury 22 PPG 12 RPG 4 APG 2 STLs 3 BLKs on 50 25 100 SplitsWatchadoinfooD🔥100.97
James Harden Versus the Trail Blazers This Season Arr0wmanc3rD🔥170.87
Did Vlade pass on Luka for political reasons Dareal6D👎🏻90.38
Jusuf Nurkic has been a beast since his return from injuryWatchadoinfooD🔥60.91
Who would you rather have Current Dame or Prime MelodIoadingR👏🏻40.67
sources lakers expected to rest vs Oklahoma City tomorrow100yarddash100D👏🏻70.50
I have harden as the 5th best scorer in the league atmCorporal_Snorkel69D🔥🗑430.11
top 10 bubble players of all timeiro3D👎🏻50.43
Who s better Luka right now or Prime DRose AcMan2D👎🏻450.39
Rocket loss support groupSol-KingD🔥🗑40.20
Post Game Thread The Trail Blazers 31-38 defeat the Houston Rockets 42-35 110-102 mrboomer6969D🔥810.92
Prime Westbrook or current Luka Doncic cmbk_sznD🔥🗑490.28
Reminder that TJ Warren was traded for cash considerations and the 32nd draft pickXeltDabD👎🏻30.44
Two complete BS Calls on Harden in the 3rd quarter of HOU POR game Harden has 5 fouls in the 3rd Draperjosh13D👏🏻210.68
Dames jersey reads How Many More ahevexD🔥100.73
Do the BLM shirts indicate the phrase or the orginizationUBCgrad2020-D👏🏻00.50
The bubble needs some girls in therealx70D🔥🗑100.15
DeAaron Fox with the shots to the Kings coaching staffurfaselolD🔥41.00
What are the NBA Players going to do if they get horny KeepSandwichD🔥🗑80.20
At the half Houston is being out rebounded by Portland 15-37 They are only down 6 thomasbigdicknguyenD🔥130.90
Halftime Thread The Portland Trail Blazers 30-38 leads the Houston Rockets 42-24 with the score of 61-56mrboomer6969D🔥🗑100.17
The Blazers are not making the playoffsCallMeGStringD👎🏻210.30
How would you rank 2019-20 LeBron vs every other individual LeBron sithwonderD🔥🗑70.25
Blazers vs Rockets jerseys tonightcinderblock16R🔥31.00
Request can we sticky Live Game threads CvatendernessD🔥00.80
Soft fouls Weak CallsyurpmanyurpD🔥190.92
why are shooters always so open in the corner 3100yarddash100D👎🏻60.40
Discussion Have the Boston Celtics ever truly lost a game or only had ones stolen by the refs thormatthewsD🔥🗑100.24
Raptors lakers 2020 game Norman Powell foulnig-manR🔥51.00
How come Damian Lillard isn t clutch deathintune1629D🔥🗑170.25
Russ or dame tonight BitterRelationship7R👏🏻460.60
Hayward s tech is justified imoigonnawrecku_VGCD👏🏻30.50
NBA refsmeh2280D👏🏻210.67
Devin Booker potential trades cuhcuh416D🔥🗑60.20
Are the amount of serious injuries worth it muddywhatabeeD🔥🗑110.11
whos your bet for next significant injury NBA_H8erD🔥🗑60.10
TJ Warren has not slowed downpokebob26D🔥110.95
How do you find out if a team has tiebreakers against another team if they currently arent tied in the standinglana-drahD🔥131.00
Pacers scored 43pts in the first quarter MeechOrMandingoD🔥121.00
When did Chauncey Billups become such an intolerable biased commentator fq1872D👎🏻270.47
How would reddit and twitter react when Luka Zion and Giannis sign with the Lakers theunknownsoldier99D🔥🗑180.08
Luka Doncic against the Sacramento Kings today 34 PTS on 12-24 FG 20 Rebounds Career High and 12 Assists caydeisdumbD🔥40.95
Post Game Thread The Dallas Mavericks 41-29 defeat the Sacramento Kings 28-39 114-110 in overtime behind 34 20 12 12 24 FG from Luka DoncicWeathrNinjaD🔥41.00
Luka Doncic just dropped a 30 20 10deputydawg420D🔥200.87
How do you guys deal with so many commercials sharklavapitD👎🏻170.45
Request Suns Legend Cameron Payne Stripping Notable Strip Club Attendee Kawhi Leonardfutbolfan3D👎🏻10.40
Lets talk KawhiRiFLE_D🔥🗑170.11
Ive forgotten how much I hate commercialsAlbus-PWB-DumbledoreD🔥80.81
Should the excluded 8 teams be compensated with better lottery odds for not being able to play for 10 months DkandlerD👎🏻120.43
A blast to the past for Nets fansmikejr44D🔥🗑40.22
Dear jimmy butler kapanicD🔥🗑30.20
OC a blast to the past for Nets fansmikejr44R🔥11.00
Lance Thomas leads the Brooklyn Nets over the Milwaukee Bucks with 6 points shooting 2 7 from the field with 2 rebounds and 2 assists Cough_Syrup55D👏🏻150.52
When a game is over and the postgame thread goes up do we really need 2-3 additional posts that follow the format of Player leads Team over opposing team with a statline of statline Cough_Syrup55D👎🏻110.47
The Dallas Mavericks attempted 27 Free Throws in the first halfmoneybooyD🔥130.89
Are They Playing In An Airport Goldmoo2R🔥21.00
LeBron facing backlash from commentsdurklilR👏🏻240.53
What would happen if Lebron AD Giannis Middleton Frank Vogel Mike Budenholzer and Javale McGee all tested positive for COVID the morning of Game 7 of the Finals Kazak_DogofSpaceD👎🏻330.42
Is it true that NBA players regularly cheat on their wives GFs RandomCuriousDoodD👏🏻290.63
I hear a lot of interviews from players coaches media in the bubble that this election is one of the most important ones in our lifetime and to get out and vote Who do you think they want us to vote for Goonsquad18D🔥311.00
Yall ever see a team throw in the towel It s happening today Nets vs Bucks RobertCalif0rniaD👏🏻110.50
Does the coaches challenge still exist mattlass12D🔥🗑70.25
Will players and staff continue to wear BLM shirt and kneel during the anthemjimmyandclarkD🔥🗑120.22
Confusion regarding double dribble and triple threatAbid_A1R🔥11.00
COVID-19 Effect on NBA PlayersvandijknD🔥110.82
Do you think Kevin Durant can win Championship as the 1 option before retiring Varnagel_1D🔥🗑100.25
The NBA has weighed the Orlando schedule to ensure that Zion and the Pelicans have a high chance of making the playoffsFont_FetishD🔥🗑130.29
Alex Caruso s jersey says Black Lives Matter 4 Caruso slysonic7D👏🏻90.57
Rank these three NBA players based on who you think is individually the best Kawhi AD Harden JSHFV222R👏🏻30.60
German basketball club fires player for ignoring social distancing rules while visiting protest against COVID-measures in BerlinthesansibarD🔥21.00
Haywards Already BackImNotARobot001010011D👏🏻10.63
Sixers defense has struggled in the small 2 game sample since the restart especially without Embiidpr_rajeevR🔥31.00
Plus Minus Per Minuterunthepoint1D🔥🗑50.25
MPJ NicknameBecauseZeusD👏🏻130.67
NBA should make the distanced bench seating permanentpl1589D👏🏻30.50
The Cleveland Cavaliers are stoopid thicc cgilbert0812D🔥100.80
Lakers will win it all sleepybackwoodD👎🏻190.38
The Lakers have clinched the No 1 seed in the Western ConferenceMitesiteD🔥60.93
Brandon Clarke has been amazingly efficient in his rookie campaignhii915D🔥21.00
Which nba fanbase would produce the most scrappy sneaky athletic gym rats gamsgoatR👏🏻160.57
The Cleveland Cavaliers are thick as hell cgilbert0812D🔥100.95
The Washed king has led the lakers to no 1 seed in the westsamfisher83D👏🏻00.50
Anthony Davis vs Rudy Goberts Jazz defense over 3 games this season averaging 29 7 8 3 2 3 on 51 8 shooting with 40 from 3 along with 2 steals 3 blocks and only 1 3 TOs per game The Lakers average margin of victory over these games is 14 pointsGumboltD🔥80.81
Post Game Thread The Los Angeles Lakers 51-15 defeat the Utah Jazz 42-25 by a score of 114-108 Anthony Davis with a 40 point game azgx29D🔥11.00
Are there highlights of players who hit go ahead shots in clutch moments who smile and act happy instead of acting coldblooded AdrianMojnarowskiD🔥50.83
Lakers spectrum broadcast has the most bias commentary of all timeNotGonnaGetBanned69D🔥🗑150.24
Best team you can make from players jersey message TheodorePR🔥01.00
How awesome would it be if a player gets into it with a virtual fancoshrx3D👏🏻20.50
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