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Why is Spencer Dinwiddie considered a good defensive player fedman21D🔥51.00
What if Bol Bol sat on Jokic s shoulders chicken-fight style and planted themselves in front of the rim mikemikemike247D👏🏻20.50
You Should Know NBA Edition soylaverdadD👎🏻70.33
Bias against team flairs makes meaningful discussion hard to accomplishStephKlayKDIggyDrayD🔥250.78
The Detroit Pistons need to do betterPrimoPastaMVPR👏🏻70.57
Predictions for Regular Season Standings and PlayoffsPrimoPastaMVPD🔥🗑250.20
Would you be more or less a fan of Devin Booker if he went by Dev BookerReal-2-RealD🔥110.71
Predictions for Regular Season AwardsPrimoPastaMVPR🔥🗑24
Top 20 Players in the NBAPrimoPastaMVPD🔥🗑210.29
Is Nick Nurse really the Drew Carey of the NBA NickNurseIsDrewCareyD🔥🗑70.25
I am better than most G-League playersVrozini__YTD🔥🗑210.13
Are the Dallas Mavericks a big market team tooloftoolzD🔥171.00
Who would you rather take as your first option KD or Kobe and why Ssumday_is_loveR👏🏻630.67
When people talk about Jordan why dont they ever bring up the fact that he cheated on his wife hes a horrible father he stands around and watches kids kill each other for his shoes he abandoned the black community and his gambling debts led to his fathurricanefan92D🔥🗑260.07
Add Dwight Howard to this current Rockets team Are they now favorites to win the championship KARL-MALONE-A-BlTCHD🔥🗑150.29
What s Zion Williamson s argument for GOAT right now YaBoiMirakekD🔥🗑70.06
If Mavs acquire CP3 they will be one of only 2 team in West with 3 legit healthy all stars Do they become favorites to win the chip Cuban is out of his mind to pass on thisWCDubyaBoiD🔥🗑300.21
If McGrady never got injured AikidoyD👎🏻50.33
Name one player that has changed the game as much as Stephen Curry didBerryBudweiserD🔥🗑660.19
My New Evolution of TS With some fine tweaking fatcocksinmybumD🔥🗑30.20
Who are some NBA players that still reside in their former teams city Monty7384D👎🏻90.40
Does James Harden have any friends throwawaycurrycelD👎🏻270.33
1st year fanMatthewWingfieldD🔥180.80
My Eastern Conference 2020 standings and I explain WHYWCDubyaBoiD🔥🗑270.11
Do you think Golden State Warriors 3 Championships dont have any value rixxxxerD🔥🗑190.24
Why is there no market for Dwight Howard other than the Lakers They already have 2 capable centers in McGee and AD Doesnt a team like Clippers want a big defender to guard AD WCDubyaBoiR👏🏻260.67
I just listened to flexing real hard for the first time in a few months and RocketShxpD🔥🗑10.17
Just For Fun Tomorrow morning you wake up and find out that every team has moved to the next biggest media market without a team Would you still root for your team if not who do you root for now and why Mexter-DorganD🔥210.92
FIBA Exhibition Match Schedule2kFoolD👏🏻20.50
Who has had the best career strictly in terms of accomplishments on team USA MCU_historianR👏🏻40.67
Projecting the 2020 draft order or at least the top 10 ZandrickEllisonR🔥41.00
Jayson Williams Was Worse Than Karl MaloneweonawardtourD👎🏻170.38
NBA All Decade teams based on MVP votes in the decade-Wayward_Son-D🔥31.00
Darius Miles made more than 60M in his NBA career but after going bankrupt he was forced to sell his NBA memorabilia guns and even a 2 dollar toasterriverdancejonasR🔥11.00
A common saying is Stranger things have happened but in regards to the NBA what actually is the strangest thing thats happened NitroXYZD🔥130.75
Top 5 most overrated and underrated player of alltimeLakers2020LULD🔥41.00
Best movie quotes of all timeBlue_Dream_808R👏🏻50.67
Should the Raptors retire Chris Boshs number Arthurs_BoiD🔥🗑29
Screw Lance StephensonCCriz25D🔥🗑140.17
Notable Frontcourt players the Lakers could target KARL-MALONE-A-BlTCHD🔥191.00
How do make your wrist stop hurting when you dunk a basketball DdabbinonyouyahhhD🔥211.00
Question to basketball players in this subDdabbinonyouyahhhD👎🏻170.43
Monte Morris had an EXTREMELY efficient season AdapterGlass478D👏🏻20.50
Everyone at their best - rank these PGs Curry Kidd Nash Russ CP3 Rose Kyrie Dame and DerondeadassynwaR🔥61.00
Kyle Lowry and O G Annunoby for Jamal Murray Who says no KARL-MALONE-A-BlTCHD🔥🗑120.25
Least clutch starsthrowawaycurrycelD🔥🗑190.20
Would the Lakers be better with Boogie before the ACL injury or Dwight currently KARL-MALONE-A-BlTCHR👏🏻70.67
Why do you think Steph Curry wont be considered among the very great of the game when he is done today_okayD👏🏻70.50
Is Currys playoff path Spurs Pelicans Clippers Blazers harder than Lebrons Raptors Celtics Pacers DdabbinonyouyahhhD🔥🗑150.21
How far does this team make it in the Eastern playoffs coug117D👏🏻70.50
Why do people say lebron cant do it in the west but never say curry kd etc cant do it in the east DdabbinonyouyahhhD🔥🗑520.11
If there are hypotheticals to if lebron could beat GS Hou Den in the west playoffs why doesnt anybody ever ask if Curry can beat MIL Tor Philly in the east playoffs DdabbinonyouyahhhD👏🏻70.50
In Defense of Craig SagerPrimoPastaMVPD👎🏻180.38
Why is Steph Curry not considered as a top 10 player of all time instead of Kobe Bryant rixxxxerD🔥🗑200.10
Is Team USA still the favorite to win the olympics GeneralFlint007R🔥81.00
If Steph Curry can turn DeAngelo Russell into an efficient player that will show he is the best player in the leagueim____new____hereD🔥🗑250.23
Do NBA teams have their own private analytics and statistics or are they using the same metrics as us peasants fatcocksinmybumD🔥151.00
If Giannis ATTKP ever dunks from the 3 pt line will it be a 2 or a 3 See illustration subzero257R🔥61.00
why has Bud still decided to play his style of defense even after its cost his teams even deeper playoff runsshanmustafaR🔥31.00
DeeArron Fox or Lonzo Ball renekOPD🔥🗑150.09
Random topictraethizzle25D🔥🗑70.25
If Michael Jordan is to basketball what the Beatles were to music bleevR👏🏻200.60
The Philadelphia 76ers won Game 1 of the 1981 Eastern Conference Finals against Boston by 1 point They lost Game 7 by 1 point lillardtotheclippersR🔥21.00
Hall of Famers Michael Jordan defeated in the playoffsRonsholD👏🏻320.60
Testing testing sorry Ill delete this real fastSheSaidSheWantedItD👎🏻30.43
Joel Embiid put up a 53 TS and 36 FG Against TorontoArrayMichael7D🔥300.76
Why is Kobe Bryant considered a top 10 player NBATRUMPD🔥🗑470.16
Why do people ignore Harden shooting 30 below his avg at the ft line and 4 back breaking TOs in the 4th quarter during game 6 against the warriors can_wien07D🔥🗑220.29
Kawhi is easily a better player than KobeNBATRUMPD🔥🗑210.09
Had an extremely heated debate at the barbershop which team wins in a 7 game series and why Finessa_HudgensD🔥280.71
Jerry west is sucked for no reasonsaad_sD🔥🗑400.10
Could a team trade players picks to another team so they would waive a player CICERO9KR🔥21.00
SNKRS Best Upcming Drawskavs01R👏🏻30.57
Bald Prediction Hornets win the championship next season StefCikaD👏🏻10.50
James Harden flop lob to Westbrook for a dunk over the golden boy What single play would make r nba mad gmann2k10D👎🏻30.33
Who would win in a 2 on 2 BasicProcrastinatorD👏🏻60.50
If Lakers missed the piayoffs would it be a massive historic failure considering the season expectations Would LeBron legacy be in question gmann2k10D🔥50.75
Top 3 beards in the league minus Harden gmann2k10D🔥121.00
Does nostalgia overpower facts at times gmann2k10D🔥31.00
Gregg Popovich or Phil Jackson who the coach GOATLakers2020LULD👎🏻120.33
Name this NBA playerKARL-MALONE-A-BlTCHR🔥21.00
DAngelo Russell will be traded to the Heat for Jimmy ButlerTightBungholeCreampiD🔥🗑210.26
Haberstroh No Decision Made to Rest Harden Westbrook for Full GamesAstroworld5691R🔥51.00
OC Who would win a team of Terry Roziers or a team of Russell Westbrooks MountaineerMaxD🔥🗑20.29
Whos getting tribute videos next season gmann2k10R🔥🗑26
Predict top 3 teams to have the most hate on r nba next season gmann2k10R👏🏻80.67
How tall will Bronny James be by the time he s 19 KARL-MALONE-A-BlTCHD🔥🗑260.08
Is Lebron James Jr overhyped Psychout00D🔥🗑150.22
Would you rather have Prime Durant or Prime Larry Bird on your team KARL-MALONE-A-BlTCHD👏🏻350.50
Why dont the Lakers sign Glen Davis i_love_wawa_R👏🏻170.60
If James Harden avgs 27 6 6 and has the best team record in the NBA would that be enough to win the MVP What probability would you give it without knowing other players statlines gmann2k10R👏🏻80.67
What time is USA-Spain MotoboyAquiEmLondresD👎🏻40.33
If Rockets defeat Portland regular and post season is Westbrook back to being better than Lillard Thats how it works right gmann2k10D👎🏻130.43
What are your thoughts on streaking at games AllBoutTheNarrativeD🔥70.88
James Harden- full bush or bare EerdayLitD👎🏻70.33
My friend thinks Kevin Durant is top 10 all-timeIamms34D🔥🗑410.11
Top 3 Active Coaches in the NBAPrimoPastaMVPD👏🏻40.50
Why are Laker fans turning on Anthony Davis KARL-MALONE-A-BlTCHD👎🏻410.40
Has any player proposed with a championship ring McCaw-Is-GodD👎🏻20.33
Is giannis the worst player ever to win MVP chef4D🔥🗑150.14
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