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Are the Suns trying to Avoid the Laker playoff bracket with tonights loss 25-00R👏🏻30.67
24 out of 27 2021 All-Stars have missed at least one game due to injury this season Is that normal IAmPatrickBeverleyR🔥41.00
Did Lebron take the vaccine yet darkshadowzzzz223R🔥31.00
Stephen Curry made more 3s this week than four entire teamsbaiqibeendeleted17xD🔥30.71
The Boston Celtics are 8-2 in their last 10 and are 4 5 games behind the 4 seed Milwaukee Bucks with the 6th easiest remaining schedule in the league AydenRozayR🔥01.00
If the 76ers beat the beat the Celtics in the first round in 4 or 5 what are the offseason implications Simmons-and-shootersD🔥🗑170.28
Who s your top 10 players in the league in orderbryscoonD👎🏻330.47
Could Lebron James beat Jake Paul E-Dub-4PFD👎🏻600.31
I appreciate Mike Korzemba Kobe_Wan_Kenobi24D👎🏻50.47
Post Game Thread The San Antonio Spurs 27-28 defeat the Phoenix Suns 40-16 111 - 85HayOjay77D🔥91.00
Steph Curry has more threes in 1 week than 4 NBA TeamsgeorgehathawayD🔥100.92
College team offering 70 mill for coach Brad Stevens but students can t make money from their own brandzakaria20199D👎🏻50.44
Threes made this weekexplorer17156D🔥70.90
Stephen Curry has made more threes this week than 4 NBA teamsbdxc36D🔥150.87
Jayson Tatum Tonight 44 Points 10 Rebounds 3 Asssists 2 Steals on 16 25 Shooting 5 3PTM and the WinMikeWillRedItD🔥30.93
Once again Steph does not get the ball on the most important possession of the gameskinnypeniusD👏🏻340.60
Jayson Tatum Tonight 44 10 2 on 16 25 shooting 5 9 from three and 7 8 from the lineLurker5719263845D🔥20.80
Jayson Tatum tonight 44 points 10 rebounds 3 assists 16 25 FG 5 9 3Pt 11CoteupD🔥70.81
Steph Curry tonight vs Celtics 47 7 3 on 15-27 shooting and 11-19 from 3debosscansockmeD🔥170.95
Steph Curry tonight 47 points 15 27 FGM 11 19 on threes 7 rebounds 3 assists as the Warriors lose a close game to the CelticsCurryStan3799D🔥30.95
Steph Despite The Loss Curry drops 47 points 7 assists and 3 boards against the Boston Celtics he went 11-18 from 3 DeepFuccingValueD🔥70.83
Post Game Thread The Boston Celtics 31-26 defeat the Golden State Warriors 28-29 119 - 114RedditMayoYoD🔥440.86
Steph has taken over the no 2 spot in mvp voting right klankthompsonD👎🏻710.32
Bradley Beal Tonight 37 3 3 on 13 22 shooting 4 6 from three and 7 8 from the lineRedditMayoYoD🔥50.94
If you think Kevin Love is the whitest player in the NBA youre dead wronghippopotameeseD🔥150.86
Who are the Goku and Gogeta of NBA deadadventureD🔥🗑300.23
Andre Drummond turns in another good performance for the Lakers 27 points 8 boards 3 assists in 30 minutes He was a game high 18 on the nightDeepFuccingValueD🔥71.00
Drummond in win against the Jazz 27 points on 10-15 from the field and 7-8 from the line 8R 3A and 2TO in 30 minutes Tory-Three-PiesD🔥180.93
Steph Curry Harlem GlobetrotterSalty-Situation-2493R👏🏻20.60
How would you rank the buyout market guys with there new teams so far Goomby-or-GlootieR🔥91.00
was the one ring LA won worth more than the culture and young players they gave up BickenBackBeinnBoolD🔥🗑160.11
Small Market Teams Have it EasyLakerWarriorD🔥🗑530.08
Is Denver still a contender without Murray thunderking500D👏🏻110.50
GOAT status should include if the player has been traded point deductions MJ Kobe LeBron KD Bird Magic Curry Duncan all never been traded Shaq Kareem Wilt Harden Kawhi have been traded MITWestbrookD🔥🗑260.14
Best Way to Download NBA Highlights Wombat_LegionD👏🏻50.67
Who is the best first name duo in the league SaiyajinGreninjaD🔥31.00
I feel like lebron and lamelo get really overhyped for simple things they do Zmoney743D👎🏻220.39
Who s better right now Westbrook or Lillard Akunpourlike30fttallD🔥🗑470.28
Russell Westbrook ties Michael Jordan for most triple-doubles in a calendar monthhorseshoeoverlookD🔥50.80
Right now here is every team that would make the playoffs or play-in for the playoffs RedditMayoYoD👎🏻60.33
NBA partnered with Chinese shoe companies that use SLAVE LABOURBlumpkinBuddyD👏🏻200.60
For the past 15 games Timberwolves are losing 2 and then winning 1NoTimeToNotDieR🔥01.00
Meta Can we not have some standards in this great sub in terms of spelling grammar facts So many posts are way off Idiocracy is real sunstankwagonD🔥🗑43
Julius Randle is greater than Jokic and Luka do you agree thunderking500D🔥🗑330.21
Is russel westbrook a top 200 player in the league KoloHickoryD🔥🗑200.14
Do you guys think they will be 75 -100 capacity for arenas in the playoffs lil_NephewD👏🏻230.50
Does anyone know why LaMarcus Aldridge couldnt get a catheter ablation ILoveTitsauceD🔥🗑60.25
The Toronto Raptors despite having a losing record of 23-34 have a positive plus minus of 0 6 at 14th in the league SumTingIsVaryWongR🔥51.00
is there an argument that Jokic is the most complete offensive player in the league thunderking500D👎🏻500.48
In your opinion is Steph curry a top 10 player in the nba right nowry_taylor63D🔥🗑310.18
Julius Randle dominates the mavs 44 points 10 boards and 7 assists DeepFuccingValueD🔥110.93
Julius Randle with 44 points 16 29 FG 10 rebounds 6 points7 assists 1 block 1 steal in win vs Mavericks Knicks win 5 straight games for first time since 2014NaweezyD🔥11.00
Julius Randle Tonight 44 10 7 on 16 29 shooting 6 11 shooting and 6 9 from the lineLurker5719263845D🔥01.00
Whose 17 Title Route is more impressive Lakers or Celtics glassesref88D👏🏻1050.69
Rush Ive never once seen Nikola take a picture of himself and post it And thats what I love about him - Michael MaloneMarkelleIsMyNephewD👏🏻260.65
Kawhi leaves Kyrie leaves KD leaves Lebron LeavesLeShannonSharpeD🔥🗑260.20
Tyler Herro tonight 4 points on 14 0 100 shooting He went 1-7 from the field and 0-4 from 3 He was a -25 in a 8 point loss to the Timberwolves DeepFuccingValueD🔥130.89
Post Game Thread The Washington Wizards 22-33 defeat the New Orleans Pelicans 25-31 in OT 117 - 115Crapcicle6190D🔥190.92
Joel Embiid in win against Clippers 36 points on 10-20 from the floor 14 rebounds 16-18 from the FT line and only 2 turnoversSimmons-and-shootersD🔥80.81
What is wrong with the NBAGrizzel53D👎🏻210.32
Isaiah Stewart in a win against OKC Thunder 15 points 22 rebounds 2 blocks 7 12 FGDetroitThrowaway3669D🔥20.86
Crazy idea to dismantle superteams After winning a championship all players of that team become restricted free agents and can leave for any higher offerNoTimeToNotDieD🔥🗑80.13
Who has the most punchable face in the NBA glazednippleD👏🏻100.67
What should be the Nets closing lineup in the playoffs tellysxpnightfallR🔥61.00
What is Adam Silvers policy on cross-dressing usernamehorseD👎🏻50.33
With all the ligament tendon cartilage injuries professional athletes get it sure would be a great idea for them to collectively start a company dedicated to being able to repair these types of injuries with stem cells ChipitychopityD👏🏻100.67
Rank the 5 best games from this yearwpo3jt0wjD🔥181.00
If Derrick Rose had stayed healthy he d be a GOAT Candidate saugaman99D🔥🗑190.22
At this point this NBA season isnt about who wins its about who survives the longest deadzsteveD👎🏻170.40
Do you think the Sixers are the Clippers of this year in terms of how their players are talking themselves up and crowning themselves before the playoffs wpo3jt0wjD👎🏻210.32
Its about high time to stop discussing MVP Race midnightZ3ROxD🔥🗑140.25
Prediction Strike Stock targets for weekendalex-falseD👏🏻40.58
How well would Rudy Gobert defend against the Nets wpo3jt0wjD👏🏻300.61
The 2019-2020 vs 2020-2021 NBA season injury comparisonLd511D🔥10.75
Donovan Mitchell Breaks leg the day Dwyane Wade steaks into the Utah JazzKarIMaloneD🔥🗑150.06
Is this the worst regular season in NBA history wpo3jt0wjD👎🏻190.39
Why do people consider the Jazz contenders and not the Suns despite the Suns having nearly the same record and arguably a better duo wpo3jt0wjD👎🏻350.36
Did Rudy gobert indirectly help save America last year when he touched the microphones KianNeonD👏🏻560.55
Skip Bayless xenophobic article187strassen_bandeD👏🏻320.62
Jordan s red amp white had Jordan s images on the side Looch905D👏🏻00.50
It looks like the Boston Celtics are peaking at the right timewpo3jt0wjD🔥40.75
Balldontstop ig page thoughts Koongook27R🔥00.99
Joel Embiid and Ben Simmons really are hard to root forbraumslerD🔥🗑390.29
Signed Kobes dm me Anxious_Abroad_6680D🔥🗑30.17
NBA streaming servicep00pylegendD👏🏻30.50
Do you think Ben Simmons can actually guard Kevin Durant wpo3jt0wjD🔥350.71
OC State of the MVP race -- who is winning over the votersllewellynjeanD🔥00.88
Would a Siakam-Porzingis swap be mutually beneficial for Dallas Toronto BoundmanG4D👏🏻40.50
43 games into his Milwaukee Bucks career Jrue Holiday is averaging 17 2 pts 4 5 reb 5 2 asts Hes doing this with shooting splits of 51 40 82 while playing elite defense BucksIn6ix9ineD🔥120.88
Who wins in a series between the 2016-17 Clippers and 2015-16 Grizzlies if every player is in their prime CaskMAD🔥31.00
Bontemps to Windhorst well then maybe you should listen to people Because you are being a jackass spur_cellD👏🏻310.69
The 2015-16 Warriors could have been 74-8SaiyajinGreninjaD👏🏻80.50
Dear Adam SilverEatMoarTacoD👎🏻190.43
Jaylen Brown Tonight 40 9 3 on 15 18 shooting 3 5 from three and 5 5 from the lineLurker5719263845D🔥470.97
CP3 has 40 assists and 1 turnover in his last 4 games YayoBankrollD🔥161.00
Jaylen Brown checks out in the 4th 36 pts 8 rb 15 17 3 4 3PTjoe_beezyD🔥41.00
Steph Curry Free Agencytheoten25576D🔥🗑120.23
Jaylen Brown Tonight 36 8 3 on 15 17 shooting 3 4 from three and 3 3 from the lineLurker5719263845D🔥270.94
Michael Jordan will induct Kobe Bryant into the Hall of FameJackLiberty0D👎🏻60.33
Do you think that Jayson Tatum has more potential is better than Brandon Roy was CarreraLuR🔥01.00
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