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Am I crazy for saying this about Suggs Rapsfan_98D👎🏻160.43
Is there any possibility the Pistons trade out of the first pick sweetguy7R🔥00.99
Jake Paul best Nate Robinson in boxing NBA trans should have taken an advantage of this FlameIsCoolR🔥11.00
StatMuse Luka Doncic scored more points 48 than Kevin Durant Damian Lillard Zach LaVine and Jrue Holiday combined 47 ArchyMumblesD🔥60.82
StatMuse Luka Doncic scored more points 48 than Kevin Durant Damian Lillard Zach LaVine and Jrue Holiday combined 47 ArchyMumblesD🔥30.86
StatMuse Luka Doncic scored more points 48 than Kevin Durant Damian Lillard Zach LaVine and Jrue Holiday combined 47 ArchyMumblesD🔥21.00
Slovenia scored 118 points in four 10 minute quarters The Lakers could not even come close to scoring that much in any of their playoff games this season with four 12 minute quartersehddwjklD👎🏻80.44
Luka Doncic led Slovenia basketball to its first Olympic apperance Now hes led Slovenia to its first Olympic basketball win baiqibeendeleted17xD🔥20.91
Unofficial Luka Doncic record chasing game threadPaschal1D👏🏻70.57
Will Mike Francesca shut up about taking Luka out of the gamehypno_toedD🔥110.80
Anyone know where to watch the Slovenia game OverusedRedditJokeD🔥60.83
KCP Kuz THT 1round pick and pick-swap for Derrick White and Demar Lakers1996D👎🏻90.33
As an Avid collector is really sucks knowing Ill never have my final piece of my starting five 213BishopD👎🏻190.47
Teams need to be compensated for developing playersLion_Amongst_SheepD👎🏻80.30
Is Karl Anthony Towns a traitor _gunzD🔥🗑80.08
Is the US team barred from getting the gold this year now Is the highest medal they can get silver paradise867D👎🏻70.40
Do people realize how much stress the NBA community has been under this past year bleevD🔥🗑120.20
I did not know that Magic Johnsons first retirement was at the age of 32SouthDakotaMadladD🔥230.86
Space Ham Starring Dwayne Baconfucking_withGSD👏🏻20.50
Am I crazy or did USA only get 1 point for Bookers disputed 3-pointer against France Xperimentx90D🔥01.00
Its over Paul George is better than Jimmy Butler and no one should argue otherwiseNRO390D👎🏻150.36
Three team trade idea Who wins and who losesNorthlander101D🔥41.00
If MJ was so good how come he only made it to 6 finals lsdmechinaguruD🔥🗑190.28
Three Team trade ideaNorthlander101R🔥01.00
Three Team Trade Idea Winners and LosersNorthlander101D👏🏻160.67
Do you think a guy like Lebron bribes or takes care of his teammates financially to help him win on the court HeyNow16D🔥🗑170.29
can we please get Greg Fraudovich off team USAyourlocalloser01D🔥🗑210.23
Could Lebron have made it in Europe CaptainElessarD🔥🗑40.14
Report Team USA players are frustrated with Gregg Popovich running the San Antonio offense zakaria20199D🔥150.80
Who was the last All-Star who played his entire prime with your team WatchMe_NeneR👏🏻460.56
Derek Fisher Dating Vanessa Bryant 76ersfanssince07D👏🏻30.50
Wojnarowski But short of Bradley Beal being available I expect Golden State to use those picks at seven and 14 this week wiseman-burnerD🔥41.00
After going 7 20 from 3 and getting outrebounded 44 to 28 in a loss to France are people finally ready to say Team USA calling Javale Mcgee Keldon Johnson and Kevin Love over Julius Randle was an obvious mistake from the beginning HokageEzioD👎🏻230.40
In 2014 the Cleveland Cavs signed Lebron James as a free agent Why isn t it ok for the Golden State Warriors to sign Kevin Durant in 2016 wiseman-burnerD🔥🗑160.13
Where do the last 10 MVP winners go in a hypothetical draft JaysonTatumOfficialD👏🏻190.50
Controversial and no disrespect meant to other countries but this USA team does not have the firepower that previous teams had TheColdBiscuitD🔥🗑48
Why dont people say LeBron James is the GOAT despite being MVP-level player for 15 years Varnagel_1D🔥🗑100.29
Begley The Pelicans and Pacers recently touched base to discuss potential deals and Myles Turner s name came up in talks It s unclear if those talks reached an advanced stage but Turner has drawn interest from several teams nonbiasednbafanD🔥80.75
Old referees seem to be significantly worse than young referees JspsnD👏🏻230.50
Why are the Sacs and T-wolves historically bad organizationszakaria20199D👎🏻90.45
Is Team USA tanking redditguyherewegoD🔥90.73
For USA to win a medal There key players need to player 30 minutes I doubt this will happen since most of them were expecting to run through teams playing 15 minszakaria20199D👏🏻50.50
Why are people surprised We knew this was a scrub squadMisterMaccabeeD🔥🗑100.15
Bill Simmons The Slovenia France men s basketball final is gonna be epic Luka vs Fournier Hopefully we can steal a bronze GuyCarbonneauGOATD👏🏻40.60
If the NBA court had the same dimensions as a FIBA court how different would the ASG roster look thekingamwD👎🏻00.33
Team USA has too many Alphas They need more Betas hoover757R👏🏻80.53
I work at the NBA and just got this very official e-mail announcing rule changes for next seasonTeFraskD🔥🗑20.22
USA leads France 45-37 at HalftimeNathan13DarrD🔥190.94
Patty Mills vs Nigeria 25 Points 3 Rebounds 6 Assists 4 Steals and 5 8 from 3ArchyMumblesD🔥21.00
As a Knicks fan its really depressing to know that well have no shot at a title until James Dolan is dead basically BillerdClubWorldWideD🔥60.80
Ranking Top Ten Series From This Years Playoffsmikeyboy2330R🔥01.00
Is there any hope for any team next season BigB00tyBitchessD👏🏻150.50
The Milwaukee Bucks were without Donte DiVencenzo during the NBA Finals against the Suns who throughout his career matchups has held Chris Paul to 5 14 36 shooting while forcing 1 TOV in 10 12 total minutes of guarding himGoomby-or-GlootieD👏🏻40.50
Westbrook with LeBron COULD be insaneluka_fraudcic_burnerR👏🏻20.67
What s the best season to not receive an all-star selection An MVP selection luka_fraudcic_burnerD🔥21.00
How were the pacers not better luka_fraudcic_burnerD🔥31.00
Pick 2 non-allstars to add to your favorite team s roster luka_fraudcic_burnerD🔥131.00
Why was there no backcourt violation when PJ Tucker went across midcourt in the final seconds of game 6 of the finals officialraaph14D👎🏻60.33
Original Draft of Space Jam as Written by Michael Jeffery Jordan ShamontieD👎🏻80.44
Detroit drafted Darko 2JaxonSuedeD👎🏻10.33
The Suns messed up in 2018clipsfan21D👏🏻20.50
Whats more likely to happen next someone scoring 80 or someone surpassing Klays 37 in a quarter dockingboyD🔥140.71
Top 10 players in the NBA under the age of 30DorisBurkeThiccAfD👏🏻380.58
Best Looking Starting 5JulesWinnfieldJrD🔥🗑240.29
Ever notice how similar Bill Walton and Kawhi Leonard s careers are KianNeonD👏🏻60.50
Lonzo to PHX SunsInternal-454D🔥🗑130.20
With a budget of 150 million Space Jam A New Legacy needs to make 450 million at the box office to break even It has earned 67 million so far ngfeoewinR👏🏻250.56
Siakam fallen out with the raptors organisation zakaria20199D🔥🗑30.29
Why does everybody leave Westbrook after playing with him for 1 2 years ngfeoewinD🔥🗑130.18
Could Philly end up with Beal and Lowryzakaria20199D👎🏻110.33
29 NBA teams are poverty franchises right nowPinoyTerryD🔥🗑140.21
Now that GIannis has proven himself why shouldnt he keep hopping teams and chase titles to pad his GOAT case ngfeoewinD🔥🗑34
Why you should be rooting for Patty Mills and the Boomers of Australia at the 2020 Tokyo Olympicsbaiqibeendeleted17xD👎🏻60.44
Who would you say will be the top 5 players in the league 5 years from now dubioushandsD🔥🗑290.27
FUTURE MVP in 5 years Time Complete_Ad3956R🔥111.00
Quinton Mayo This report is false I m told KingRagerBladeD🔥130.71
Quinton Mayo This report is false I m told KingRagerBladeR👏🏻10.67
Why doesn t a team sign Kenneth Faried Chig-bungus69420D👎🏻140.40
How high is Joe likely to get drafted Lottery Top 5 pick BregmanRoeIsMyNameD🔥🗑80.27
Replacing players in past teams ThunderClown101D👏🏻00.50
Where do you Chris Paul in the all time list RedditGod360R🔥01.00
Is it just me or is MPJ overrated juliusseizures9000R🔥01.00
If someone buys a team and then signs a bunch of people off the street to max contracts would adam silver step in and get rid of the owner flockofsparrows19D👏🏻120.50
Rearrange this list with meyeouisownerD🔥🗑260.09
Rank the last 10 NBA Championship teams from worst to bestAZTowerD👎🏻590.38
Is KD getting stoned at the Olympics GlowWorm13R👏🏻70.67
Where does having a good backup QB rank in a good teams priority list donta45D👎🏻90.33
New NBA Franchise The New York Necksrexryan2048D🔥🗑20.20
Mr Triple Double Russell Westbrook has a triple double in his name ss ll and oo Luck1492D🔥🗑70.15
Is Luka the best player at the olympics when you consider that he is used to FIBA rules ngfeoewinD👎🏻200.40
Are the 2021 Bucks the most organic champions since the 2015 Warriors ngfeoewinD👏🏻230.69
More impressive Stephs Unanimous MVP season in 2016 or Giannis 2021 Finals ngfeoewinD👎🏻380.43
Whats your best troll thread title that could get past the mods Get it out of your system PnG_eD🔥30.75
Could Kevin Durant win The Basketball Tournament with a team of WNBA Allstars DancingCactiusD🔥🗑310.20
Shower Taught Why do we call LeBron king WindsenD🔥🗑990.16
25 greatest players of all timeHEMAGN2point0D🔥🗑510.29
What are the best NBA copypastas that r nba or some other place has ever made TeamMasterChiefD👎🏻120.43
The stars of the 1940s NBA would mop the floor with today s scrubs CobruhD👏🏻200.68
If Warriors land Dame or Beal and Lakers land Lowry or Westbrook or CP3 there could be 3 superteams in the leaguengfeoewinD👎🏻200.39
how would you rank KD and Curry all time 21SavageIsMyGodR👏🏻310.60
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