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To be as great as Jordan you need the right genetics to even have a tiny percent chance KtoMM199D👏🏻180.50
Is he the G O A T TraetoJohnD👏🏻160.64
Can we expect the next season to start by 8th-12th October aj2704R🔥01.00
Which NBA player do you think currently has the worst contract in the entire league Kinger420R🔥61.00
Player A vs Player B vs Player CDirtyDanoThoD🔥🗑160.20
Who is the 5th greatest center of all time Yash_We_CanD👏🏻90.50
Kobe stans are insane ForoaKlanDD👏🏻220.56
If the Lakers sign jeremy lin does that guarantee a championship KeesmooijerD👎🏻60.46
OFFICIAL ONCE AND FOR ALL LeBron or MJ lebronguzzlemyjazzD🔥🗑220.18
NBA Teams were only allowed to contact FAs to set up meetings on July 29 at 6 ETLeatherFartR🔥31.00
All time player rankings on this sub are stupid yall never even seen Jordan Magic Bird Kareem etc playGalacticSwashbucklerD👎🏻590.48
The NBA season should open with a tournament featuring every team with seeding being dependent on the previous seasons standings dead9erD👎🏻70.40
LeBron JamesKenogicD👎🏻170.34
Kobe would never be WILLING to be an assistant for the Lakers which is one of the many reasons Duncan gt KobelookImDurantHissssssD🔥🗑260.21
Terry Rozier will be a borderline all star next seasonHeruFATD🔥111.00
Was the 2002 WCF really rigged NitroXYZD🔥120.71
Timmy D had 21-20-10 and 8 blocks in a 2003 Finals G6 clinching gamejcarmona24R🔥21.00
Would Steven curry ever had won a championship without kd Klay draymond and or igudala EverydayIsPissDayD🔥🗑300.12
How would the people of r NBA rate LeBron James s intelligenceJaquanMorenoR🔥61.00
Kawhi took down only one superteambootlegsupremeD👎🏻180.36
Why isnt Carmelo Anthonys nickname Melo Jello i_love_wawa_R👏🏻10.67
What NBA players gets the most coochie asa55D🔥180.75
Would Kevin Durant improved his efficienty on any team with spacing rixxxxerR🔥31.00
Which NBA player has the most interesting life outside of basketball AMaizeZenD🔥341.00
Scooter riders going the wrong wayasoundsopR🔥21.00
OC - Analysis Is the amount of karma your comment post receives directly correlated to your team flair DramaticStomachD👎🏻50.33
Comparing Kyrie s Career Arc With Neymar Jr s OC vagin8r5000D🔥191.00
The NBA should make their players wear bras glansberg_stephenD👏🏻120.67
Popular opinions threadLike-ah-suhmboodeeD🔥260.75
r NBA 2019 Offseason Contests Fan Fiction Competition 1AMaizeZenR🔥21.00
Why does EVERYONE like to ride Lebron untiliPEAKD🔥🗑230.13
What is it like to be a content creator for an NBA team carlposadasD🔥30.75
Giannis is already better than KD ever wasGoats4MiceD🔥🗑480.14
Serious If you put prime Steve Nash on the 2018-19 Phoenix Suns how do they do brownjesus__D🔥191.00
Can This Rotation Make The 2020 Playoffswhat-u-rockinR🔥31.00
James Harden shot 37 in the NBA Finals in his 3rd season Dwyane Wade won Finals MVP in his 3rd season thebestjordan123D🔥🗑170.21
How to prove if one player is better than another in an argument against someoneHoops_Fan420D🔥🗑130.22
Larry Bird has become under appreciated ImCompletelyLiteralD👏🏻70.50
Tatum and Mitchell had very good rookie years but didnt seem to improve their 2nd year badpizzaisstillgoodR🔥11.00
Clutchest players of all-time renekOPD🔥🗑130.14
Why did Kawhi choose the ClippersdailycrossoverD👎🏻40.33
Post ASB stats LogenMNED👎🏻30.33
If you could crop dust a group of three NBA players who would it be TheBossOfAllBossesR👏🏻40.67
Why werent players able to guard Duncan kib35D🔥🗑320.11
59 Shaq or 400lb Steph SefferWeffersD👎🏻00.33
Pelicans Star Zion Williamson Jordan Brand Agree to Multiyear Endorsement DealSouthernOhioRedsFanR👏🏻40.67
Do you think my friends granny can make the NBAZOxZIONxBID🔥🗑70.15
The Athletic We have a deal ready Are you in Inside the Clippers pursuit of Kawhi Leonard and Paul George NuclearHavenD👏🏻80.64
The Athletic We have a deal ready Are you in Inside the Clippers pursuit of Kawhi Leonard and Paul George Full Article NuclearHavenR👏🏻40.67
Is Shaquille ONeal the greatest player in Orlando Magic history rixxxxerD👏🏻30.50
How many more years before KAT requests a trade Green_CashR👏🏻140.67
My grandmother played in the WNBAZOxZIONxBID🔥🗑50.17
I just had a dream Bradley Beal signed the 3 year extension with the Wizardsi_love_wawa_R👏🏻70.60
Kram Since selecting Bradley Beal in 2012 the Wizards have turned a half a decade of first-round picks into precisely zero players on the present-day roster in dire need of some young talent Astroworld5691R👏🏻30.67
Fans hoping Kawhis contract gets voided are delusionalRupeslilloD👎🏻100.30
Bitesize NBA stat of the day Giannis 32 7 has roughly the same career playoff 3P as Harden 33 0 KagsTheOneAndOnlyD🔥🗑20.25
Who s higher in the all time rankings Nash or Curry what-u-rockinD🔥🗑170.17
Who is your all-time All-NBA team if you select exactly 1 player from a continent for each team 1st team All-NBA 2nd team All-NBA 3rd team All-NBA hipcheck23D👎🏻60.33
Who is the most enlightened of all time Socrates or Kyrie Blue_Dream_808R🔥51.00
Idk if this is the place for this or not but I make NBA rap ianthedebaterD🔥🗑190.29
Serious James Harden was robbed of the MVPKyrieWetUpCurry_D👎🏻240.48
During the 2003-2004 seasobRasheed Wallace averaged FIVE blocks when he was part of the Atlanta HawksRealisticRaptorsFanR🔥11.00
Why is r Warriors still hidden on the top 5 subreddit posts on the sidebar It should really be r Lakers dearmetD🔥🗑40.29
Why CP3 Will Win the MVP this seasonLimitedAspirationsD🔥🗑80.20
Does anyone really think LeBron is better than Jordan zerodc4213D👎🏻460.47
Prediction Tim Duncan will become the new face of the Spurs AMaizeZenD👎🏻50.44
Who s your all-time handsome starting 5 and your all-time ugly 5 Who would win flamagraburnerD🔥61.00
Do you think Post-Achilles KD will struggle badly without Steph Curry Varnagel_1D👎🏻120.40
Trade Idea Celtics amp Pacerswww123xD🔥🗑100.20
Where has the KD is the greatest pure scorer narrative come from Its bullshit lebronulousD🔥🗑320.28
What is a cold hard fact that a franchise cannot accept admit or talk about objectsubjectlyD🔥371.00
Looking for Celtics fans in Southern CaliforniaGreen_CashD👏🏻100.50
Ever wanted to be a GM Join us at Virtual FootballdonandjohncakeshopD🔥🗑70.27
Do you think Kevin Durant is NOT a legend for OKC amp Warriors rixxxxerR🔥41.00
Civil warPapajohnboysD👎🏻100.44
Idea for the trade deadline Ben Simmons for Chris Paul picks renekOPD🔥🗑220.13
Is Post-Achilles KD on same level as Kawhi Giannis LeBron etc while being 80 rixxxxerD🔥110.75
Conspiracy Theory Stephan A Smith and others are perpetuating the notion of CBA circumvention because mainstream media cant accept Kawhi choosing the Clippers - A lesson in medaBuzzedWoodyD🔥🗑260.29
Michael Jordans Overrated joey5280D🔥🗑610.28
Offensively the 2018 Cavs were statistically every bit as bad in the finals as the 2015 squad yet Lebrons numbers were the best theyve ever been If you replace the 2015 playoff version of Lebron with the 2018 version do you think the Cavs could realisHowTheRooseGotLooseD👏🏻150.50
Rich Paul Uncle Dennis Laval Ball Does the Media hate Black Agents Father Figures when it comes to pro athletes LexNekstTheDredGodD🔥🗑410.16
Western conference standing predictions with their Ceilings and Floors kingfoxofnyD👏🏻200.50
Bulls fans rise up activism against ownership relevance tunesquad2020D👎🏻30.42
Tim Duncan Returns to Spurs as Member of Gregg Popovichs Coaching StaffSouthernOhioRedsFanD🔥50.87
Steph Curry is the worst defender in the top 25 all time players rankings Is he top 15 what-u-rockinD🔥🗑150.29
If there s any NBA player who can recover well from an Achilles year it s Kevin DuranthomiejboolinD👎🏻120.33
Could Stephen A Smith secretly be a professional soccer player WarpableD🔥🗑90.25
HoopsHype Players who are still in for the world cupDRAZZILB1424D🔥210.89
Anthony Davis heightColoradoKobeD👎🏻50.33
Need a replacement GM for an all-time draftCelticsfor18thD👏🏻140.50
Michael Jordans lowest eFG in a season was 420lebronulousD👏🏻110.67
Relocating the Knicks to Seattlealp3x510D👎🏻150.33
Tim Donaghy confirmed in his book that NBA officials had a bias against the Mavericks and Owner Mark Cuban Says he believes this led to their downfall in 2006 and that he bet against the Mavs in the finalsTheKnicksHateMeD👎🏻170.47
Do you think Kevin Durant is not a legend in his previous teams rixxxxerD🔥🗑50.25
Steph is the best player in the world and has been for the past 4 years and hes about to remind us whyBudgetBerryD👎🏻280.33
So since this sub believes consensusly that Wades 2006 ring was rigged why is he ranked so high MrcrowbarThe4thD🔥🗑270.28
Do you think Shaquille ONeal is GOAT player in Orlando Magic history rixxxxerD👏🏻70.50
Yao Ming and Zion US inside job ZOxZIONxBID👏🏻60.50
I Think We Can All Agree Dragan Bender Is A BustsaymynamethreetimeslD👎🏻140.43
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