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I miss Kobe SO muchaaggs18D🔥20.75
Rare Lakers Jacket owned by woman who worked with Jerry Buss- price estimate SayitwithyochestD👏🏻10.50
The NBA has moved into the 21st century with the new generation swapping out physical trading cards for crypto backed videos NBAtopshots cashpoorstonkpoorD👎🏻20.43
People who s GOAT isn t LeBron or MJ who and why Alexander_MeeMR👏🏻180.60
Its been a year buddsriD🔥00.83
The average age of Thunder s starting lineup against blazers tonight 20 8852lolD🔥101.00
Kyrie Irving Kevin Durant and James Harden were drafted one pick lower than eachother90srapD🔥100.71
The average age of thunder starting lineup in tonight s win gainst blazers 20 8852lolD🔥31.00
In a 2018 NBA redraft who do the kings selectSaltyhawksfanD🔥190.71
Jesus christ change the sidebar image alreadyBigSwagAveragePenisD👎🏻50.42
What do you think Lebron James will do when he retires yummy_yum_yum123D🔥310.88
What s the best player the warriors could get for oubre and the min pick RealshawnbradleyR👏🏻170.57
Is Wiggins forreal BlueDark9D🔥340.73
How come Kyrie Russ PG and Harden have games from 4 years ago brought up in every thread but nobody remembers Lillard s bad performancesyoungblood132D👏🏻740.58
Stephen Curry with 36 Points on 11 21 Shooting 7 12 from 3 and 1 2 from the Line in a W over the TimberwolvesMC-JdfD🔥70.82
Steph tonight in the 4th 15 points in 4 18 jthcD🔥130.87
Post Game Thread Golden State Warriors 9-8 defeat Minnesota Timberwolves 4-12 by 130 - 108 with 36 points from Steph CurryNyhroxD🔥130.81
In a loss to the G-League Thunder Damian colourway Lillard explodes for 21 points on 6-20 from the field and 2-10 from 3 with 3 TOyoungblood132D👏🏻360.59
Lebron at the age of 28 in Game 6 vs BOS 45 15 5 shooting 19 26 from the field in 45 minutes Tonight at the age of 36 and 7 finals runs later 46 8 5 2 2 shooting 19 26 from the field in only 36 minutesdaveed1297D👏🏻20.50
Why in the world are OKC wearing red jerseys at Portland FooKLOPD👏🏻100.50
During the 2nd quarter of the Wolves vs Warriors game Marquese Chriss was calling every single play before they happened Marano94D🔥50.77
After a scorching 7 11 from deep against the Cavs Lebron is now averaging 41 from 3 on 6 6 attempts a game one quarter through the season New Prime daveed1297D🔥120.82
After tonight s performance Lebron James is shooting 43 2 on pull up threes Paschal1D🔥20.77
Post-Game Thread The Boston Celtics 10-6 defeat the Chicago Bulls 7-10 119-103 as Jaylen Brown and Jayson Tatum combine for 50 pointsJC_FrostR🔥31.00
Post Game Thread The Boston Celtics 10-6 defeat the Chicago Bulls 7-10 119 - 103looonspaceD🔥90.71
Lebron outscores Cavs 21-19 makes 9 10 shots in 4th quarterTypeTypeManD🔥120.90
Luka with 35 pts - 11 reb - 16 ast - 4 stl - 1 blockxelivielD🔥280.84
LeBron has slowed down considerably he just has one of the deepest bags in the leagueFulmizantD👎🏻240.38
Can the 2018 draft be the best of all time jrviimonyaD🔥91.00
Lebron is the AvatarlastwatersD👏🏻50.50
Lebron James is now 49 119 from 3 for the yeartattoo543216D🔥350.91
The only player to notch a 50 point game over 3 different decades is Michael Jeffrey Jordan AydenRozayD👏🏻130.62
EC All Star predictions byoonittR👏🏻210.60
Lebron scored 24 of the lakers 28 points in the 4th quarterchipshead90D🔥130.79
46 points while only shooting 2 free throwsDwightSidePieceD🔥130.92
Why are Lebrons assist numbers down so much MedxmioD🔥🗑320.29
Are the Grizzlies ever going to play again Atpeace500D👏🏻120.63
NBA uniform changes that need to happenCJMustardD🔥🗑30.20
Lebron James Crazy CHASEDOWN Block on Collin SextonclutchymcgradyD🔥🗑10.20
What teams would you recommend someone watch if they ve never followed basketball but are trying to get into it theoriginalbreadmanR👏🏻140.67
Is lebron staring someone down in the standsmarcello153D🔥170.80
SOURCE The Brooklyn Nets have ended discussions with the Cleveland Cavaliers to acquire JaVale McGee jrviimonyaD👎🏻50.43
LeGod James is 10 12 with his only misses being 3pt attemptsAlexander_MeeMD🔥🗑110.16
Lebron James is shooting 41 on pull up threes on almost 4 attempts per game this season Paschal1D👎🏻20.44
One of the biggest what-ifs ever Here are the stats of the Big 3 of Brandon Roy LaMarcus Aldridge and Greg Oden in games all 3 played togetherNathan13DarrD🔥21.00
Ben Simmons has scored 94 points in his last 8 games Wayne Ellington has scored 101 points in his last 6 games legend023D🔥100.75
Why does everyone hate LeBron SamuelG05D🔥🗑140.21
Serious Can a player in todays NBA be a star with fewer than 5 made field goals and fewer than 9 attempted field goals per game NitroXYZD👎🏻90.44
Clip Request Bam Adebayo sequenceGlizzanderHolyfieldR👏🏻00.67
Question for Indians fans 69pancakes69D👏🏻50.50
The Nets held the Heat to 45 points in the half smashaccD👎🏻150.45
Lebron being born on December 30 ContractXtensionD👎🏻170.38
Is there Nepotism in the NBA NotanAfroD🔥🗑120.15
Is it a stretch to assume Giannis is a top 10 passer for a big man ever Royal_Scratch_2772R🔥11.00
Do you see anyone trading for Blake Griffin before his contract is over FreeAgentsNoLeaveR🔥41.00
The GOAT Dirk Nowitzki BgJckSL8D👎🏻80.33
Will LeBron James run for senate in 2022 JKG4M3RR👏🏻70.60
Was it an open secret that LeBron cheated on his wife in the past partetenebrosa17D🔥🗑270.15
Get 100 bucks for freeInner_Improvement401D👎🏻30.42
cbafaq com doesnt exist anymore are there similar sites dfsaqweD🔥31.00
Would you rather have LeBron or Klay Ben Simmons added to your team at the expense of your best player Alexander_MeeMD👎🏻150.33
Shaq just dmd shut yo dump as up to an artist over a picture of him getting dunked on by Donovan Mitchell and he continued with challenging him to one on one game 19mete96R👏🏻20.56
Would you consider this team better then the Lakers Yes_Boy42069D👏🏻290.58
Immanuel Quickley in loss to Blazers Career high 31 PTS 4 AST 9-18 FG 5-8 3PT 8-8 FTdweiss19D🔥11.00
Immanuel Quickley in loss to Blazers Career high 31 PTS 4 AST 9-18 FG 5-8 3PT 8-8 FTPokeGrandyR🔥01.00
Immanuel Quickley in loss to Blazers Career high 29 PTS 4 AST 8-17 FG 5-8 3PT 8-8 FTPokeGrandyD🔥130.74
Post Game Thread The Portland Trail Blazers 9-6 defeat the New York Knicks 8-10 116 to 113surosregimeD🔥61.00
Highlight Request Enes Kenter grabs Julius Randles arm and makes him punch Covington who flopsHistorical-Author-49D👏🏻90.65
Who would you rather have as your starting point guard Alex Caruso or Russell Westbrook CNBFTBGBQD🔥80.80
Westbrook is the worst player in the history of basketball He should be banned for life from basketball events puffysugarcloudD🔥🗑70.22
Post Game Thread The Milwaukee Bucks 10-6 defeat the Atlanta Hawks 8-8 129-115 behind 27 points 14 rebounds and 8 assists from Giannis Antetokounmpokd-is-not-a-snakeD🔥60.71
15 to make an all-time team ComeBackWithMilkDadD👎🏻150.40
Question in Regards to an NBA RuleJay18_18D🔥81.00
Serious Had anyone fell from all-NBA level to below average NBA player as quickly as Russell Westbrook had now rrdonooD👏🏻550.58
The Washington Wizards still havent won a game in San Antonio since December 11th 1999PieAndKittehD🔥110.93
Will Westbrook be waived after this year tiagosupersplitterD👎🏻480.30
Clip Request DeAndre Hunter s flagrant foul on a three point attempt by the Bucksrewat5D🔥🗑120.23
Clip request Giannis Lebron-esque no look pass to Donte Divencenzokd-is-not-a-snakeD👏🏻00.58
Recommended twitter feeds per teamgecksy_R🔥01.00
Covid Misery IndexJulian_CaesarD👏🏻10.64
Why is Dennis Schroder still starting IvvyXD👎🏻750.42
Has Zion lived up to his expectations for his 2nd season so far countD🔥360.88
Gordon Hayward is currently in the 50 40 90 clubcarefullywasntD🔥230.90
8 of the top 10 passing seasons by players 610 and above happened after 2013kd-is-not-a-snakeD👏🏻20.58
Should Hayward have been the first option on the Celtics this whole time tiagosupersplitterD🔥🗑250.17
Last time the Bucks won a basketball game in Salt Lake City was 20 years ago Stockton and Malone both playedtrakavicaD🔥30.93
Jaylen Brown tonight vs the Cavaliers 33 PTS 3 REB 1 AST in 19 14 of playing time 13 20 FGA 31 for the gamefbreakerD🔥230.92
Post Game Thread The Charlotte Hornets 7-9 defeat the Orlando Magic 7-10 106 - 104PMMeUrBleedingPussyD🔥40.80
OC Fixing the leagues popularity via relocating some teamsranchaneD🔥🗑100.25
JaVale McGee to Brooklyn would basically decide the titleAGuyWhoLikesDunksD🔥🗑270.15
Jaylen Brown exits the game in the 3rd Quarter with 33 3 1 on 13-20 FG 3-4 3PT in 19 minutescardinalyamsD🔥30.92
Saw this tribute to Kobe on my way to work in BeijingbananainbeijingD🔥50.80
Nikola Jokic when guarded by Deandre Ayton this season 13 34 FG 38 3 TOVs blocked twice ZERO free throw attempts Xinpoint1D🔥120.81
Anthony Davis or Giannis Antetokounmpo Royal_Scratch_2772D🔥🗑26
Replace Irving with prime Greg Ostertag how much do the Nets improve worsen DrakesYodelsD🔥40.86
Which player is the more efficient scorer Royal_Scratch_2772D👎🏻270.38
Hayward has 19 at the half on 8-12 shooting against the Magic True_QuantityD🔥30.75
What happened to Kenneth Faried Kepa_is_a_bad_KeepaR👏🏻110.57
Replace Irving with 2021 Bill Russell how much do the Nets improve worsen si4ci7D👏🏻190.62
Replace Irving with Tacko Fall how much do the Nets improve worsen ColdBudLight98D👏🏻100.67
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