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What do Reggie Bullock and his murdered transgender sister have in common BigBenKobeRape4everD🔥🗑60.24
The Finals should not be called the FinalsSordidSwordDidSworeD🔥🗑60.14
If the Patriots win the super bowl does that create more pressure on the Celtics from Boston itself to get their s t together and expect a finals run Starkboy7D🔥🗑60.20
DeAndre Jordan currently has the highest TS among active players and second highest All-Time This officially makes him as the greatest player of all time MrMrRogersD👏🏻100.58
Ben Simmons or Scottie PippenStarks21D🔥🗑120.20
Your Friendly Reminder to Vote Kevin Durant into the All-starHhhrrroooD🔥🗑40.22
Will Andrew Wiggins retire after his contact expires poopaxD🔥🗑90.27
If Tom Brady and Patriots wins Super Bowl 53 hell have 1 more ring than Kobe as many rings as Jordan as many rings as the entire Steelers organization and 4 more finals MVPs than Stephen Curry AndyJPuenteD🔥🗑160.29
What does it say about this sub that the top post right now is a video of some guy taking KD s hat jokicsfacialhairD👎🏻150.39
I think Tom Brady is the GOAT athlete ThugginOnUDuckzD🔥🗑930.24
It is Foretold BelmaghD👎🏻50.31
The Golden State Patriots are going to the Super Bowl again flimsyfreshD👎🏻750.36
AD trade ideadylscobleD🔥🗑70.25
Can DRose win a second MVP blackminoxbeardD🔥🗑220.27
DeMar DeRozan tonight 4-16 FG 8 points -14 4 TOlexxgoat223D🔥10.70
What do these guns do Anel0R👏🏻30.67
The LA Clippers 25-21 defeat the San Antonio Spurs 27-21 103-95 behind Tobias Harris 27pts 9rebs and 9asts helenalenaD🔥160.92
Sitting Courtside Nets Kings tomorrow Tips citrusman123D🔥241.00
Indiana Pacers 31-15 defeat Charlotte Hornets 22-24 120-95OPBadshahR🔥01.00
Karl-Anthony Towns at half 28 6 2 with 2 stealjbranton30D🔥340.97
The Red Sox already won the WS Patriots are going to win the SB and the Celtics are going to face the Warriors in the Finals4chanOverReddit96D🔥🗑150.15
Free Air Jordans Legacy 312 for the next 50 peopleAshleynortonsD👎🏻90.33
Is today the most boring day of the season for NBA helloyes1D🔥🗑120.25
Tough year for New Orleans sports fans their best basketball player ever likely leaving this summer and their NFL team got screwed out of the Super BowlHEATeradeD👎🏻230.41
The Finals should not be called the FinalsSordidSwordDidSworeD👎🏻70.33
Tony Romo just compared the Kansas City Chiefs to the Golden State Warriorsscags2017D👏🏻30.50
Just made this Toronto Raptors animation parody called Toronto Raptures engageanimationR👏🏻00.67
Markelle fultz vs Ja Morantthe_notorious_stoveD👎🏻210.33
As bad as NBA refs are at least they havent unfairly kept a team out of the championship yet VenerableHateD👎🏻280.30
Kobe was definitely the best player in league From 06-10Kobe_is_the_goat824D👎🏻250.44
Serious Best offensive player without an MVPswagdaddy912D👎🏻360.40
Those who ignore history are condemned to repeat it Otherwise_WindowD🔥🗑70.15
NBA should let fans vote on saturday primetime games matchupsblacko000D🔥150.80
If Kobe was the best player in the league 05-10 why was he never the best player in the postseason for any of those years Jjab430D👎🏻230.39
Tired of these stupid posts latelyExtraCheesePlease88D🔥🗑150.23
3 team trade idea Ross Dedmon to the Lakers Lin LAL 2019 2nd round pick to the Magic Lance KCP LAL 2019 lottery protected first rounder to the HawksoakledD🔥🗑130.23
3 team trade idea Ross Dedmon to the Lakers Lin LAL 2019 2nd round pick to the Magic Lance KCP LAL 2019 lottery protected first rounder to the HawksoakledR🔥31.00
Is there anybody that hates the NBA more than Jeff van GUNDYsnacktastic2D👎🏻140.36
3ball ioJaylenBrown7D🔥150.98
Could the warriors beat a team of 2013 LeBron 2016 finals LeBron and 2018 playoffs LeBron surrounded by shooters IKnowEverythingtbhD🔥🗑120.17
I won 8 straight games in 1 day because of 2 lucky buzzer beatersPatek98R👏🏻90.67
Davis Bertans is shooting 48 6 from three with 4 1 attempts per gameAndroid1618033988D🔥🗑13
Steph Curry or prime wade pippen to start your franchise IKnowEverythingtbhD🔥🗑280.21
there was not one but two top 5 picked players who had a worse rookie season than anthony bennett in 2013-2014 no1careskidD👏🏻50.50
If a text post can be sourced it should be sourced AccaznthoisittaD👎🏻10.33
Potential trade involving Ben Simmons so please tear it apart even though we all kinda know the 76ers big 3 isn t a great fit thatguineaD🔥🗑320.22
Buddy Hield is currently ranked 10th all-time in 3PT and 3rd all-time amongst active players only trailing Steph Curry and Kyle Korver caydeisdumbD👎🏻20.36
Without knowing what we know now in what order would the last 10 1 overall picks be taken if they were in the same draft pohmeeD👎🏻310.42
Would Greg Have Landed A Tryout With the Sixers in the Modern NBA 2ToedD👎🏻340.35
I dont understand James Harden no_flex_zoneD🔥🗑280.25
Suns fans If the Wolves offered you KAT for Alton straight up would you accept it KawhiDidNothingWrongR👏🏻80.57
Trade idea Kuzma and Beasleys contract for DSJ and 2nd rounder cutecouple1991D🔥🗑230.08
In 2019 Deandre Ayton is averaging 13 9pts 9 1reb on 58 TS In that same span Luka Doncic is averaging 23 5pts 7 9reb 5 5ast on 55 TSNurkicFuckMePleaseD👎🏻30.40
Why does everyone respect Chris Broussard zedotpD👎🏻130.44
If harden had a legitimate healthy all star alongside him can he contend lockerroomchalkD🔥🗑180.20
Elite defense elite scoring whats easier harder gmann2k10D👏🏻140.50
Why is Giannis not the favorite for DPOY JimmySlutlerD👏🏻390.50
Is Luka Doncic the most important player in the NBA right now lulinthechatD🔥🗑120.06
Top 10 players of all timekamj427D👎🏻40.33
Ranking the 10 greatest players of the 2010sShawnNinetyEightD👎🏻480.30
Just got my girlfriend into the NBA what does she need to know ineedastogeD🔥21.00
Buddy Hield Big like Klay shoots like Curry is fake news NissinNoodlesD👏🏻00.50
Kostas Antetokounmpo is set to make his NBA debut for the Mavericks tonight against the bucks lolitsrealityD🔥200.80
I have a questionhelloyes1R👏🏻130.57
Luka Doncic was ejected for the first time he also has herpesfilthylilbeastD🔥🗑190.17
Pick 2 to trade tr7272D👎🏻430.46
Would LeBron have gone back to Cle if he had won a ring during his fist stretch their 2JMAN89D🔥11.00
Best fake jerseys for kids MidnightLightssD🔥🗑00.25
Will Dragan Bender get another chance in the NBA trakavicaD🔥🗑6
76ers vs Rockets upcoming game IThedontD🔥🗑280.25
Meta A month ago we complained about no highlights now we are complaining no-replay short highlights IillardD🔥🗑50.22
Dennis Rodman amp Instagram hellionDropD🔥41.00
Has Nikola Vu evi been a top 5 center this year rewat5D🔥🗑80.11
Prophecy Alert - Harden will avg 40 pts per game once the season endsKDs_FakeAccountD👎🏻170.33
NBA player good and I want say so because blah blah blah mods sleep give me karmaUrRegularRedditDudeD🔥🗑20.17
James Harden the man the myth the legendHunteralnD👎🏻180.33
In all honesty prime Melo gt prime DurantdrinkyafkingmilkD🔥🗑210.12
Does this starting 5 beat the Golden State Warriors - yes or no drinkyafkingmilkD👏🏻130.50
I m really baked but Draymond Green during the 2016 OlympicsJets89246D👎🏻160.45
Danny Green is shooting his highest percentage from 3PT 42 since 2012-2013 43 PortlandSweptD👏🏻50.69
I watch every Celtic game while my wife sits next to me on the couch playing candy crush - I tried to see how many players she could name LarBrd33D👏🏻60.69
Why has it taken so long to pair Harden with two other all-stars Use_Your_Illusion3D🔥🗑200.25
How much of a gap is there between LeBron and Harden NickdoggmoneycashD🔥🗑280.18
Top 5 teams with the best odds to land Durant in your option I_love_Basketball232D🔥230.78
James Harden is averaging 40 ppg this year and still he isnt the best James in the NBAChiefShoeD👎🏻150.36
Players with no ring as it stands whos the best 2 pieces to build a championship around gmann2k10D👎🏻130.33
The Bulls have more starting lineups this season 12 than victories 10 NaweezyR🔥01.00
Why didnt the Lakers go for Ingram helloyes1R👏🏻90.60
I m happy to see Harden get the recognition he deservesBenEmbiidD👎🏻330.35
Post Game Thread Denver Nuggets 31-15 defeat the Cleveland Cavaliers 9-38 124-102GuardaxD🔥90.75
How well does Harden have do to in the playoffs to be the 2nd best player in the league EnvironmentalTwisterD🔥🗑300.18
James Harden may be the most talented player I ve seen livegoatmadeD👎🏻340.39
James Harden is averaging 44 ppg so far in 2019NaweezyD👏🏻60.60
Nikola Joki passes Kareem Abdul-Jabbar for 2nd place for most triple doubles by a center NikolaiBullcryD🔥200.89
Does James Harden receive special treatment from NBA refs chocolatelama123D👎🏻370.42
More people have walked on the Moon than have blocked a dunk by LeBron James in an NBA game PMmeIcedFruitBunsD👎🏻110.45
The fact that kcp was too scared to contest gordon shot should say somethingBobRossIsGod24D🔥🗑120.29
James Harden averaged 54 3 PPG in his last three gamesNaweezyD👏🏻30.68
Rockets scored only 2 field goals in overtimeSkoruaD👏🏻100.50
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