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Lost amidst all the Lakers news Karl-Anthony Towns is averaging 4 three pointers made per game on 44 3pt percentagesramos04D🔥🗑170.29
Carmelo Anthony s debut was amazingbrownjesus__D👏🏻30.67
With his 7th turnover of the night LeBron James becomes the NBA s all time leader in turnovers regular season playoffs jn1cksR👏🏻30.67
Can someone please post a how to guide for making highlight clips for posting on r nba and team subsgavineasterlakeR👏🏻80.60
The top 7 posts in r nba are of Carmelo Anthony right nowMunkystoryD🔥110.82
LeBron got triple double against every single NBA teamharrykane09D👏🏻20.50
With his triple double against OKC tonight LeBron James has now recorded at least one triple double against all 30 NBA teams loadedryderD👏🏻50.68
With a triple-double tonight against OKC LeBron is now the first player to record a triple-double against every team in the leagueJAYG567D🔥20.72
LeBron now has a triple-double against every NBA teamtheraarmanD👏🏻70.60
Lebron is the first player in nba history to have a triple double vs every team in the leagueClassicArmoManD👏🏻100.64
LeBron James is the first player in NBA history to have at least one triple-double against every team in the leaguedandeman4D🔥80.88
With his 6th turnover vs the Thunder Lebron is now tied with most turnovers all time inruinscrustD🔥71.00
LeBron has a triple double against every team in the league except for OKCkilledBySasquatchR👏🏻60.57
Who gets credited for a rebound on a slap out Bol-Bol-Bol-Bol-BolR🔥21.00
Request Old clip of Kobe getting mad in the standsAnittaSupervisorD🔥01.00
Fake Weird Kawhi Leonard Story ThreadcR7tterD🔥🗑50.29
Suns becoming bad again Ronaldo1035D🔥🗑30.25
CLIP REQUEST Rob Gronkowski dancing with the Laker girls popcorninmapubesD🔥70.90
Kyle Lowry is averaging 22 4 7 on 48 43 88 this seasonqsefthukolzdcgbjmD🔥60.72
Hey r nba did Melo play tonight ThexJwubbzD👎🏻20.44
Candace Parker provides immense insight and is absolutely gorgeousbigbodyboinkyD🔥🗑70.29
In a terrifying development for the league Anthony Davis keeps knocking down threes for the Los Angeles Lakers reds824D🔥80.70
Rajon Rondo finishes the first half with 9 assists against the ThunderD0pe_FrancisD🔥31.00
Anthony Davis Has 4 Steals in the 1st Quarter Alone Versus the Oklahoma City ThunderImABoardManD🔥70.92
What the hell are these refs in this Lakers Thunder game Persianboy7thstD👏🏻300.65
Future NBA scenariosbigbob1234D👎🏻10.33
Nine of the top ten posts on the front page are about Carmelo Anthony bratatatatatD👏🏻40.50
Dennis Schroder records 4 turnovers in 1 minute and 55 secondssiakamsD🔥141.00
Bogdan bogdanovic is putting on a clinic versus the sunsTonyPerkisReddit4D🔥190.95
Do you think Carmelo Anthony can be a quality role player like Dwight Howard Varnagel_1D👎🏻160.43
Melo played poorly but let s remember it s his first NBA game in a full yearjbOOgi3D👎🏻140.37
Book of Basketball 2 0 ep on Hardenjpage77D👏🏻120.50
After tonight s game Carmelo Anthony leads the NBA in 3 point field goal percentage at 67 Myers Leonard is second at 62 JoshJones777D🔥140.76
Serious After the Hong Kong situation LeBrons inevitable return to the highlight reel and fans medias inevitable memory loss of his character being exposed shows that he will never truly be seen as More than an athlete And it exposes the viewers afuckingblackmaleD👎🏻350.42
8 of the top ten posts on the front page are Melo centricSaf22D👎🏻80.45
Why do you hate Melo faustszD👎🏻720.31
Melo had an awful game but we have to remember this is his first NBA game in an entire year WeathrNinjaD🔥980.85
Melo directing his teammates on defensespoolxD🔥270.92
If the Blazers continue losing this season lets agree to not scapegoat CarmeloBol-Bol-Bol-Bol-BolD👏🏻310.65
Draymond green with superstars 7ppg on 44 FG Draymond Green without superstars 8ppg on 38 fgSirJonathanJoestarD🔥🗑290.23
My boy BlazerMelo put up a team worst -20 with 5 TOs on 4 14 tonightDevinKurant7D👏🏻140.62
Carmelo Anthony finishes his Trailblazer debut with 10 points and 4 rebounds on 4 14 shootingNyhroxD🔥240.82
Slow start for a comeback superstar as Carmelo Anthony posts 10pts 4reb 0assist 4 14 from the field in 23 minutedYouCannotBeatVinceD🔥40.82
Carmelo Anthony in his first NBA game this season 10 PTS 4 14 FG 29 2 3 3FG 67 4 REB 0 AST 5 TO -20 - in a Trailblazers 115 - 104 loss to the PelicansThatDudeThatWasRudeD🔥460.93
LeBron has a plus minus of 139 through 13 games this season Lecanver483D👎🏻90.44
People that were saying Draymond could lead a team to playoffs this last years do you still believe that SirJonathanJoestarD🔥🗑230.27
Melo Iverson QuestionOhhWowzersD👎🏻70.40
How many games does Melo have before the Blazers cut him russellpickmanaustinD👎🏻80.44
Why the hatred for Melo SyhxsD👏🏻190.69
Melo Debut 21 minutes 3-11 zero assists -20 plus minushornet7777D👏🏻440.63
Melo in just 18 minutes of action 7 points 4 rebounds and 1 blockrussellpickmanaustinD👏🏻150.50
Vintage Melo with 00 assists 7 missed shots and 5 turnovers__john_cena__D👏🏻170.57
Interesting Dame Lillard trades if Portland decides to blow it up qsefthukolzdcgbjmD🔥🗑110.17
Melo sequence in the 3rd quarter Missed Layup Blocked Miss Turnover Offensive foul Rebound Turnover bad pass Missed Layup exits game SCREWST0ND🔥280.72
Melo is stinking it up right nowExecuteDrunkDriversD👏🏻440.64
Don t look now but the Warriors are up 20 against the GrizzliesKlaysToasterD🔥260.92
Video Request Carmelo attempts to destroy one of the Pelicans guysThe_Natural_LogD👎🏻20.33
Paul George was right Damian Lillard s buzzer beater to eliminate the OKC Thunder from the playoffs WAS a bad shot gentlesir123D🔥🗑110.18
If shit posting happens on r nba whats the point of r nbacirclejerk jimmyhotaD👏🏻70.67
LaMelo Ball People don t look at you as a human People look at you as a dollar sign People think playing overseas is easy It s not Slats7D🔥340.82
Question for viewers of the show UndsiputedRiennmanHypothesisD🔥🗑120.25
6 of the top 10 r NBA posts are currently about Carmelo Anthony DootMasterFlexR👏🏻130.53
Melo is on pace for 20 points on 50 percent shootingRationalObserver23D👏🏻110.58
Melo benched in the first quarterExecuteDrunkDriversD🔥🗑90.17
Serious What players do you think are under the influence DURING games DevinKurant7D🔥150.78
Melo can move from 19 to 18 on all time scoring list if he scores 63 points tonight SlobDyrdekD🔥110.93
How many white guys can an nba team have before your brain goes hmmmmm huntyboboD👎🏻230.30
High School Girl basketball player who moved like male guard alohasprintingD👏🏻110.55
If Melo puts up 28 PPG on good shooting and reverses the Blazers trajectory from missing the playoffs to 50 wins should he win MVP ExecuteDrunkDriversD👎🏻180.46
Staples Center floorgiobennatiD👎🏻140.38
How do Kings fans feel about their organization going for a hipster pick with Bagley instead of almost surefire thing with Doncic _underrated_D👎🏻240.33
Do you think Kawhi Leonard would still become an MVP caliber player even without Spurs amp Popovich Varnagel_1R👏🏻40.67
Tonights games on NBA TV Blazers-Pelicans and Thunder-LakersslurpthisD👏🏻260.50
Should the Lakers trade for Melo ExecuteDrunkDriversD🔥🗑310.10
LeBron was a bad friend to MeloSplashCabbage30D👎🏻120.37
Kevon Looney is headed to Santa CruzTaball123D👏🏻00.50
Steven AdamsOculusBlurrD🔥71.00
Freedawkins not posting nearly as muchsuper-beef-deluxeD🔥90.71
Why do people think Luka doncic wont be in the HOF Zayden_BladeD🔥🗑80.12
What would have happened if Carmelo played against the Rockets yesterday LeBronCumInMeD👏🏻140.58
A Podcast on the ratings decline in the league perchanchesD👎🏻00.33
Luka Doncic and Trae Young are still comparable r nba is just reactionaryenderlord2R👏🏻150.55
If you thought the new Mavs jerseys are the worst take a look at the 1996 ASG jersey looonspaceD👎🏻260.33
LeBron James is 775 career points away from tying Kobe BryantSanchoLoamsdownD🔥380.76
Rockets need to trade bench or stagger Russell Westbrook for long-term deep playoff success NataliesFeetSweatD🔥🗑430.22
Lebron has more 40 point games in the finals than Magic Wilt Kareem Durant Curry and Kobe combined ClassicArmoManD👏🏻240.50
r NBA GM Game 11 19 19Lecanver483D🔥🗑20.25
With Kawhi sitting out his third game in a row last night was this degree of load management expected or is he just a bit more banged up than usual Bol-Bol-Bol-Bol-BolD🔥160.86
Top 5 PG in the league currently ThenVarietyD👎🏻580.43
Kawhi Leonard is the first player ever to win Finals MVP s with a WESTERN and an EASTERN conference team ulasakyildizD👎🏻200.35
Carmelo seems to think the number 00 infinityblarsh24D👎🏻290.38
Why is the number 00 allowed in the league Szabo_NationR👏🏻150.57
What do you think of the Bucks new Cream City Jerseys TwoweekswithpayD🔥291.00
Kawhi missed 73 games because of a thigh bruise How much will he miss with a knee bruise ragelarkD🔥🗑180.13
Do other fan bases get anything if their team wins AOIM_CubanJD🔥41.00
James Harden is working James Harden Russell Westbrook IS NOT working NataliesFeetSweatD🔥🗑350.29
The bias with the media and the lakers is almost comedic Mikiyas17D👎🏻550.48
How Is Lebron The Best Player When He doesnt score that much Skrill3xFoVD🔥🗑150.20
Is Luka Doncic the best player ever to be taken 3rd in the draft iLoveYouLonzoD🔥🗑190.18
Should the Nets tank for the 1 Pick and package it with LeVert and Dinwiddie for a 3rd Star KARL-MALONE-A-BlTCHD🔥🗑50.14
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