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Did the Rockets make the right choice choosing Kelly Olynyk over Ben Simmons in the Harden trade _Pho_Dac_Biet_D👎🏻80.42
To all good regular season team fans Playoffs are a different beastDildoMcHomieD👎🏻00.40
Its almost 3 00 in the morning and Im still giddy about Mann going off 8MODAD🔥60.89
Terance Mann went off tonight but he has been big this entire serieseercelik21D🔥71.00
Gobert is not a liability nor is this loss his faultthuggernaeD👏🏻110.50
Ty Lue deserves alot of respect MajortkoD🔥100.82
Is there a chance Kawhi plays next series ConstantlyHatingR👏🏻50.60
Let s talk about Rudy Gobertoxboy101D🔥370.83
Which playoff outcome was worse among the two The 2015 Hawks or this year s Jazz IndycarFan64D🔥211.00
are teams going to stop giving largely defensive players Max contracts now Quatro_LechesD👏🏻50.50
Seth Curry vs Bogdan Bogdanovic The barely talked about players in the Sixers vs Hawks matchup Smoove-JD🔥200.91
If Luka signed with the Knicks would he be richer than LBJ and MJ when all is said and done BigB00tyBitchessD👎🏻200.47
Honest question no disrespect intended Do the Suns have one of the easiest paths to the Finals in recent history ResponsibleWarthog10R👏🏻140.57
Vernon Maxwell Goes Off after the Jazz Lose Says Donovan Mitchell is better off in ZimbabwetheblackvincentvegaD👏🏻80.64
Ben Simmons for CJ McCollum trade would make perfect sensenuuskatonttuD🔥270.70
After watching Rudy Gobert get exposed tonight can we look back and say maybe Pop was right to have Duncan on the bench at the end of Game 6 in 2013 lawdoggingitD👏🏻60.56
If Ben Simmons skills was put in the body of a regular 5 10 what level of basketball does he reach carrrosD👏🏻250.59
Shaq was right about GobertAnymeans6D🔥360.74
Was playing Mike Conley the biggest mistake for the Jazz clawsmiddlefingerD🔥🗑22
Regarding Kawhi s legacySHORT_ANSWERS_ONLYD🔥🗑23
The Utah Jazz are 0-1 since John Stockton came out as an anti-vaxer alik7D🔥30.86
The Clippers were clowned for avoiding the Lakers Now they re in the Western Conference Finals BallDontNotLieD🔥690.79
Paul George since going down 0-2 to the Jazz 31 8 PPG 8 5 RPG 5 3 APG on 48 44 87 splitsIzanagi___D🔥81.00
Everybody is blaming Gobert but it s not his faultWafflecone516D🔥230.70
Has Clippers blatant tanking in last games paid off jeremias39D👎🏻170.30
The DPOY is ADs award to lose next year LOVEGOD77D🔥🗑270.25
Drop your best Gobert trade ideasthreeisaMAR👏🏻260.60
Is Ty Lue the anti Doc Rivers Fredbear_D🔥60.82
Is Rudy Gobert being a 3x DPOY the most misleading resume in NBA history GibraltarofIceD👏🏻500.65
Paul George TMann and Bobby Shmurda combine for 94 points against UtahhTine3219D🔥40.94
As a Jazz fan Donovan Mitchell should play for an another team he shouldnt be wasting his time with Jazz 19mete96D🔥🗑240.20
Is Quinn Snyders glasses the reason for the Jazz lose tonight PVT_StanleyD👏🏻40.50
Maxwell My heart goes out to the Utah players especially Donovan Mitchell who is a class act One of the few guys who makes his shoes affordable You deserve to be in a better place Houston Charlotte Philly Zimbabwe hell even OKC gulfside13D🔥250.91
The Clippers tanking in the regular season workedCriticalClimate2710D🔥11.00
Vernon Maxwell Goes Off after the Jazz Lose Says Donovan Mitchell is better off in ZimbabwetheblackvincentvegaD🔥20.70
Put some respect on Tyronn Lue s nameSlow-fingersD🔥110.83
How many games is CP3 going to miss ek_uD👎🏻170.40
Did the Jazz even try to use Rudy on offense in the 4th Zt0pD🔥111.00
A reminder that Rudy Gobert has a 5 year 205m extension that hasnt even kicked in yetG1SpectrumD🔥360.79
If you dont know who Mann is you need to he could be the next Kawhi-PGBui23D👎🏻280.38
Seeing that the Mavs took the Clippers to 7 How do you think they would ve done vs the Jazz Adri_annD🔥170.75
Serious A lot of people owe Shaq an apology MissionComplete2xD👏🏻50.58
Is Tye Lue a top 5 coach AverageEcstatic3370D👎🏻280.34
With the Clippers Advancing to their First Conference Finals that leaves Charlotte Hornets and New Orleans Pelicans as the Only Teams that Have Yet to Reach a Conference FinalsOldNBAFanD🔥220.96
If the Clippers win the title will LA allow a parade EarthWarpingD🔥🗑110.26
Patrick Beverley has more playoff games played than Lonzo Balls made free throws with the LakersMasterPsaysUghD👎🏻230.38
Jazz fans was debating me the past 3 games saying if Mike Conley was playing Jazz would ve been won this series Beneficial_Toe_6050D👎🏻250.36
Yet another year where we see Gobert getting essentially played off the floor in the playoffs when will people admit regular season defensive impact and playoff defensive impact is different and that Gobert is not the best defender in the league rNBA_is_for_nerdsD🔥400.92
Yet again the team that refuses to go small chokes a game awayButEverythingChangedD🔥190.90
CLIP REQUEST Patrick Beverly embarrasses and ends the Utah Jazzs overachieving season with his 2nd three in a row in crunch time AstroZexD👎🏻50.30
Is Quin Snyder overrated ek_uD👏🏻210.50
Clippers Coach Ty LueK1NG2L4Y3RD🔥170.78
Clippers suck asshydshshsD🔥🗑190.12
I feel bad for Clippers fans after all they have been through tellysxpnightfallD👎🏻290.44
Are we witnessing the birth of a legend AhdoughD👏🏻130.63
Quin Snyder has been exposed Worst playoff coaching I have seen in my life donkeyj0teD🔥610.70
First Seed DPOY 6MOTY 2-0 lead and what a big choke job- Your Utah Jazz ladies and gentlemen aj2704D👏🏻240.65
The Mann situation WarCuntSkyFuckD🔥121.00
Terrance Man has officially reached Lu Dort LevelPaschal1D🔥40.86
How can anyone watch this Clippers game and say they dont have fans Number333D👏🏻300.55
What do you think of head coach Justin Zanick from Utah RevolutionaryJob8024D👎🏻20.33
What do you think of GM Justin Zanik from Utah RevolutionaryJob8024D🔥🗑100.23
Refs fu ing the jazzace121111D🔥🗑250.17
Does Mike Breen lose commentator legacy points for using the pun Oh what a Mann when Terrence Mann made a 3 LaMarcGasoldridge-D👎🏻110.35
Lonzo Ball or Ben Simmons maximumproD🔥🗑90.22
Nuggets lost in the AG trade by a good distance Magic robbed them ProudStephewD👎🏻130.33
Always wondered why black nba players always look more jacked than whites Did some researchFitizenH4teRedditorsD🔥🗑130.18
Genuinely curiousmaruuuuuuuuuuuuuuD👏🏻470.67
Paul George inconsistent once againNBA-intellectD🔥🗑210.22
Should the sixers just platoon ben simmons djpacheco1003D👏🏻120.62
As a Sixers fan Im fully in on starting Tyrese Maxey next season Though it will most likely not happen due to age which should not be that important but Doc So who are some realistic options Ben Simmons can be traded for DotduellerD👏🏻250.63
Clip Request ESPN Music going on for way too longtrident001D🔥140.98
Request ESPN music keeps playing over the gameDankSyllabusD🔥41.00
Ben Simmons proved tonight why he was an All-Star itsalwaysunnyinhellD🔥290.82
Brushing KD s hairBlilazenD👏🏻140.50
The black head coach has out-coached the white head coach in each playoff series so far CubanMissOutCrisisD🔥🗑100.19
Why isn t Staples Full Capacity t-readsD🔥🗑50.13
How often has a max player been benched down the stretch in a must-win playoff game for his team EarthWarpingD🔥210.76
76ers vs Hawks seriesZ_Boyd22R👏🏻240.53
I m going to need a Trae vs Luka Finals at some pointFluuukiD👏🏻160.63
Its embarrassing that an All-Star isnt on the court for the last few minutes due to his lack of free-throw shootingGuerra2001D🔥100.75
Clip request Blackout at State Farm ArenahorseshoeoverlookD🔥🗑60.22
My posts are being taken down with no explanation of what rule I have broken bones-n-hugsD🔥🗑240.13
If you are building a team to when a championship in one year would you take Marcus Smart or Ben Simmons BlakeG3ED👎🏻120.37
This game THOUGHDYdayD👏🏻80.50
Trae Young apology threadPaschal1D🔥🗑60.26
Trae young didn t make all star but mike Conley didmartial_fc15D🔥🗑140.17
Embiid is the first Sixer starter to shoot a FT with 7 minutes left in the fourth quarterEvilfart123D🔥260.84
I need John Collins in the 2022 dunk contest IpaidmyattentionD🔥100.70
thoughts on rob perez dwai_whoreD🔥🗑70.18
At this point who has a higher chance of winning fmvp Seth or Steph _Pho_Dac_Biet_D🔥🗑100.23
An underrated part of Ben Simmons game is hoe poor his finishing is despite having the physique and size of a Greek godProudStephewD🔥🗑90.28
What would you do if you were Ben Simmons dad to help him hit free throwsPlastic_Spite6894D👏🏻170.62
Narratives are everythingFar-Value-6949D👏🏻480.57
Why does Trae young fall in every 3 pt attempt jeremias39D🔥🗑150.18
Who is the better playmaker Trae or Luka Lord_CommanderKyrie7D🔥🗑220.19
Embiid had 5 turnovers in 10 minutes of playjeremias39D👏🏻90.57
At this point whats the arguments Luka Doncic is better player than Trae Young Varnagel_1D🔥🗑330.16
Would the 2019 Raptors still win a championship if you replace Kawhi with KD LeBron ickydesuD🔥🗑480.25
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