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Did the Warriors made a mistake not retaining Barnes AintNoMoLayupsD🔥🗑150.09
The Warriors Lost To The Mavericks And This Changes EverythingSordidSwordDidSworeD🔥🗑190.15
Steph gt KDMalnourished1D👎🏻490.47
On the 2019 NBA Finals the Golden State Warriors will blow a four-year 3-1 lead over the rest of the NBA all thanks to Kevin Durant ChildishGamboaD👎🏻130.35
After starting the season 0-4 the Thunder now has the 2nd best record in the West and just ONE game behind the WarriorsjayatumD🔥90.82
Are Fultz amp Lonzo the worst 1-2 picks in NBA history kennythegoatD🔥🗑160.20
Whats the longest chain you can make of player names PartakingD👏🏻310.64
yall still consider KD the 2nd best player funeraldiner__D👎🏻940.43
Its always a good day when the warriors loseGroundskeeperWilly93D👏🏻180.59
Who could smoke more weed Klay Thompson or John Wall greatpetenderD👎🏻240.35
Will Gordon Hayward Ever Live Up To His Contract PoliticalStaffer22D👎🏻370.31
Man The Chicago Bulls are terribleXxmedalanglexxD👏🏻50.50
Clash of Point Bigs AD vs Jokic 40 8 8 in 38 minutes vs 25 10 8 in 34Trent_BennettD🔥111.00
The NBA season is roughly 20 over and the Lakers are currently outside the playoffs how concerned should they be theclownermbD👎🏻70.43
How good does Pop make the Celtics Itz___MikeD👎🏻310.34
Is Lebrons time in LA already over RazkuD🔥🗑190.20
The Houston Rockets 8-7 defeat the Sacramento Kings 8-8 132 - 112 behind 23 16 5 from CapelaSCREWST0ND🔥21.00
Bring Kemba home to NYRasheediscoolR👏🏻70.56
Kemba Walker just dropped 60 points in a loss to the 76ers Calmac34D🔥140.73
Get Kemba some help or trade him grantandrengD👏🏻180.50
CAREER-HIGH for Kemba Walker as he scores 60 points in a loss vs the Philadelphia 76ers Most points by a Hornet in franchise history mrguisterD🔥130.89
Kemba Walker finishes the game with 60 points overtaking Klay Thompson for the highest scoring game for a player this season benno44D🔥50.88
Kemba walker 60 7 4 on 21 33 shootingthatoneguy847D🔥90.92
Kemba walker 58 6 4 on 20 29 shootingthatoneguy847D🔥180.93
Kemba Walker has a new career high in 53 points IncaseAceD🔥160.75
Lakers are now 5-0 after adding Tyson Chandler JayAllOverYourBeesD🔥🗑100.19
Gordan Hayward Quadruple Double Watchmonsieur_noirsD👎🏻230.41
Kuzma has so so much Drip and Swag he cant even shoot anymoreibogaHSD👎🏻160.43
Julius Randle monster put back SportovniUcetD👎🏻80.44
Why don t NBA games get played during the day time SordidSwordDidSworeD🔥🗑170.14
Luke Walton 6 Man of the YearPinocchioStoryKanyeD🔥40.75
Tommy Heinsohn just Kyries the best hes seen CJMustardD👏🏻40.50
Whats up with Joe Ingless left eyebrow Holden_Magroin22D🔥90.80
Post Game Thread Clippers 10-5 break Lawlers law and defeat the Nets 7-10 127-119DepressedClippersFanR🔥11.00
50 point watch Joel Embiid and Kenna Walker with 23 points at the halfRockstar408D🔥150.77
Embiid FloppingeldryanyyD🔥🗑240.28
Imagine Beverley and Smart both on the PistonsEatMyShittyAssholeD👏🏻20.50
Can someone make a Pacers-Hawks Game thread Sop2199D👏🏻20.50
Serious If Lakers make the Finals with LeBron in the future should the owner of the team pay Skip Bayless to attend the game LuesShitCoveredDildoD🔥🗑90.18
Will Skip Bayless be inducted in the basketball hall of fame one day NintendoSwitchFan92D👎🏻160.33
Why didnt the Lakers try to trade for Jimmy Butler nick_popD👎🏻220.40
Fun fact Brandon Ingram and Carmelo Anthony have nearly the same exact TS BPM and VORPNurkicFuckMePleaseD👎🏻560.46
Which player is most likely to nae nae after hitting a game winning shot UnoriginalMattressR🔥41.00
Bust draft picks from the last 5 years Juanicool04R🔥11.00
Why does r NBA act like Kobe is not a top 5 10 players of all time when most basketball players who have played against him or even HoFers have him top 5 to top 10 all time RahulSharma13244D👎🏻980.46
Kyrie with the fro - 14 5 5 on 453 TS Kyrie without the fro - 29 5 6 on 691 TSshanmustafaD🔥50.75
Slater Steve Kerr on Draymond Green We decided to give him some time off Don t know how long it ll be The toe sprain is lingering Out tonight vs Mavs likely tomorrow vs Spurs too SDas_D🔥50.88
Should Golden State trade Draymond Green after the incident with Kevin Durant klittle6D🔥🗑160.20
Do they ticket toddlers btbrepresentaD🔥120.86
4 am shower-thought there is a very missable and magical moment in every NBA game where the ball is in play but neither team is playing offence or defense TheInnerMachinationD👏🏻00.50
Kyrie since getting a haircut 28 5 points 6 3 assists 4 5 rebounds 2 3 steals - 56 50 90 LarBrd33D🔥90.79
Jaren Jackson Jr you know on the Grizzlies puts up 27 6 0 4 2 line on 69 shooting against KingsAvrproX17_GameR🔥61.00
As good as Giannis is hes shooting 12 5 from three he was 2-4 tonight was 7 before Has he semi-found a rythym again and whats up with his shot this year __john_cena__D👏🏻10.50
Lebron James or Nikola Jokic Who is the better passer AnythingnEverything_D🔥🗑230.26
Giannis an MVP Candidate is shooting 7 from 3-PT this yearRazorXFireHDD👎🏻170.36
Who wants to bet that Draymond is going to hatch a plan to ice out KD in the finals so he doesnt win his 3rd MVP Writer30435D🔥🗑100.20
How do you Stop a Team With LeBron AD and KD on it Eddie_31411D👎🏻250.42
whats your take on the 2015 nba finals rozn247R👏🏻90.67
The Milwaukee Bucks turned an 18-point deficit into an 11-point lead within a quarter thebuckszoneD🔥30.90
The Philadelphia 76ers are the only team that in the league that is undefeated at home 8-0 The last time the Sixers lost during the regular season at the Wells Fargo Center was December 21st 2017 InakidbaD🔥60.75
Spurs Fans Chill Tf OutBombAssPhoenixD👎🏻50.33
Has anybody on this sub ever had a sports injury JaylenBTarantinoR👏🏻40.67
Giannis comments on the mvp racemca0014D👎🏻90.45
Am I out of touch or is the Prince City jersey not that special poopy-khatnaD👎🏻150.32
In his revenge back against the Bucks Jabari Parker has 15 points in the first quarter with 3 threesNotQuincyPondexterD🔥31.00
How long has Kyle Lowry been this awful CJonas94D👎🏻180.30
Kyrie Irving is unbelievableHarden-Will-ChokeD👏🏻20.69
The Raptors and chokingSpoonWilliamsD🔥🗑280.19
Kawhi is Anti-ClutchSordidSwordDidSworeD👎🏻180.30
Post Game Thread The Boston Celtics 9-6 defeat the Toronto Raptors 12-4 123-116 in an OT thrillerMeatballMcFlyD👏🏻160.67
Jimmy Butler post-game interview Its so fun to win so much more fun to play with these guys thatdaniD🔥120.75
where is this draymond green kevin durant audio leak cant find anywherethelakesh0wD🔥31.00
Post Game Thread The Brooklyn Nets Defeat the Washington Wizards 115-104NetsBetsSetsD🔥400.96
Spencer Dinwiddie intentionally missed a free throw to give the opposing fans free Chik-fil-aDrPepperSnortsCokeD🔥180.97
Who had a more dominant hook shot - Kareem Abdul Jabbar or Serge Ibaka WiltAbdulOlajuwonD🔥🗑50.13
Who had a more dominant hook shot - Kareem Abdul Jabbar or Serge Ibaka WiltAbdulOlajuwonD🔥🗑10.10
Mudiay explodes in the first half for 16 points on 7-11 shootingJetionaryD🔥150.86
There are currently four close games at halftime right now all are in the high 40s to high 50s range Are we witnessing a defensive slugfest or sloppy basketball thundercockjk2D🔥60.75
Whose on your All-Star Drama Team azpatncaD👏🏻60.50
Donovan Mitchell Has 19 First Half Field Goal Attempts NitroXYZD🔥460.97
Mike Breen reminded us that Kawhi has more steals than personal foulskilledBySasquatchR👏🏻30.60
Brad Stevens Elite coach of mediocre players and mediocre coach of elite playersbigperm211D👏🏻70.60
What team has the least interesting storyline this season biasedphillypersonD🔥110.71
Is the fact that Ben Simmons has come into this year still not shooting or attempting jumpshots and especially three point shots just a mental thing or is it that hard to learn how to shoot lumia92R👏🏻40.67
Fultzs free throw formfatkev_42R🔥101.00
Jazz continuing their cold streakIndianCurry30D🔥11.00
Sixers fans are booing Donovan Mitchell every time he touches the ballLORD_HODLEMORTD🔥🗑200.25
GAME THREAD Portland Trail Blazers 10-4 Minnesota Timberwolves 6-9 - November 16 2018 lftovrporkshoulderR🔥11.00
Are we sure RC Buford is good mcvukvukD🔥🗑60.17
Link here to some of the ridiculous r nba posts from the past that youve savedzemergencyD👏🏻30.50
How do you rank Gallinari mcvukvukR👏🏻120.67
The Raptors are going to smoke the CelticsSordidSwordDidSworeD🔥🗑280.17
LeBron s 2011 NBA finalsfeeseD👎🏻120.38
Kings vs Memphis tonight 5Caliiiguy23R👏🏻30.57
76ers head coach Brett Brown revealed his first nickname for Joe Ingles Sloppy Joe AndyJPuenteD🔥70.80
Michael Jordan would be viewed much differently if people knew how often he walked during gamesRedSoxEatPoopD👎🏻70.44
Zion Williamson will either become the next LeBron or the next Anthony BennettdrinkyafkingmilkD👎🏻130.38
Fultz has not even attempted a three in 8 straight games - Im really rooting for him but I cant see how he gets past this at this point __john_cena__D👏🏻290.60
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