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I honestly don t know how giannis has won MVP againrealgkush420D🔥🗑360.11
I dont know kinda seems possibleDoubleShotCortadoD👏🏻10.50
Call me Lebron stan call me hater but i need to vent a little bit about the greatest robbery we have ever witnessed in the last 20 of NBA lasso914D🔥🗑780.23
I dont know - If 6 teams have done it kinda might be possibleDoubleShotCortadoD🔥🗑10.25
I dont know - If 6 teams have done it kinda might be possibleDoubleShotCortadoD🔥🗑10.17
Is Bam Adebayo the best perimeter defender as a center since Ben Wallace MarvAlbertsBurnerAccD👎🏻440.47
Does MVP mean jack shitJueyStephenD👏🏻90.50
I find it amusing that the trend is to judge Eastern Conference teams by their coaching and Western Conference teams by their starsjeromoclesD👏🏻80.64
Is Jason Williams considered a culture vulture Is he the Adam22 of the NBA TJFordNationD🔥🗑60.21
OC Visualizing the MVP voting resultsllewellynjeanD🔥50.85
Dragic is the best healthy PG in the Eastbiinroii01D👎🏻150.40
Marcus Smart has unfollowed Jaylen Brown Kemba Walker and Gordon Hayward on InstagramGOATJames_23-6D🔥3390.86
Doc Rivers should be Glenn Riverssavageoriginal9D👎🏻110.46
Only 3 B2B mvps haven t made the finals in the same year the won their MVPsdonegal-HospitalD👎🏻150.38
Only 3 B2B mvps have made the finals in the same year the won their MVPsdonegal-HospitalD🔥71.00
Giannis wins 2 MVPs in a rowooftroydanD🔥🗑90.22
Who is the worst NBA player to ever win a championship with the best player on the worst team If not why didnt they get better and which part would you say is the best part of the worst game in the world bonziwellsayoR🔥11.00
Are There Any Adults in This Sub TheVeganMeatballD🔥🗑160.20
Justin Anderson most known for getting bonked with the ball by Marcus Morris compares himself to Jimmy ButleriksnetR👏🏻130.54
Who here is a fan of CliveNBAParody KeepSandwichD👎🏻00.33
If the Lakers handily win the series will fatigue be the main excuse Kooky_RiskD👏🏻120.67
LeBron James thought to be conjuring up demons before every game by tossing chalk into the airgarbagcollectorD🔥310.79
If you were a Denver Nugget what dipping sauce would you use babyyodavanD🔥340.80
Who would make the better NBA team The 10-72 2015-2016 76ers or a squad of 15 prime Nate Robinsons say 2009 bonziwellsayoR🔥21.00
I am an objective Lakers fan AMAthrowawaynashville11D👎🏻930.30
Two Time NBA MVP at age 25 Kareem Abdul-Jabbar LeBron James and Giannis AntetokounmpoMVP41D🔥71.00
Giannis Antetokounmpo wins second consecutive MVP awardTheNewViceD👎🏻20.43
Goran Dragi these playoffs 22 2 4 5 4 6 on 48 40 79 shooting splits at 34 years oldconorharris2D🔥31.00
What do you think Game 1 Lakers Nuggets is going to look like tonight platypusFuji7D🔥210.73
Official Predictions What are your specific Nuggets vs Lakers predictions CoffeeandsodaD🔥141.00
Heat Celtics Nuggets and LakersCampo3838R🔥21.00
I hate what the media is doingclaylionD👏🏻190.50
The zoom crowd is stupid and shouldnt be in the games sijaz321D👎🏻180.42
The Heat are crushing it right now they are 10-1bahamapapa817D🔥190.77
I love the art of basketball can anyone recommend content throwawaynashville11R👏🏻30.67
Michael Malone says a key for the Nuggets will be keeping the Lakers out of transition We can not make this a jumping contest If this is a track and field event were going to lose justafanofedenD🔥110.94
Doc Rivers is the only coach in NBA History to be 0-3 while being up 3-1 Therockster01D👏🏻160.68
Alright Ill bite what is load management Shadow_WolfPD🔥🗑120.20
Kobe in 09 vs Lebron in 20FaalD🔥70.88
Draft the best players between the Denver Nuggets amp LA LakersApexGunnerR👏🏻40.67
The last 2 times Nuggets were in WCF 1985 amp 2009 both times they lost to Lakers Lakers eventually went on to win the championship with Kareem amp Kobe winning their 4th ring amp 1st FMVP with Lakers Now Lebron is looking to follow the samemrinmay_palD🔥10.83
Where would you rank spoelstra among active coaches BrickCablesD🔥🗑180.15
Questions on getting signed NBA memorabilia as a giftdrakonkaR🔥01.00
This is a weird feelingKR6SGD👎🏻00.43
Shouldnt Jimmy Butler be worried about potential indictment BalurkyD🔥30.86
Tonight marks the 11th straight Celtics game in which the Home team has lostDank_Memes16R👏🏻20.60
Looking at Lebrons playoff averages post 2017jhartnumberonefanD🔥01.00
Lebrons playoff averages since 2017jhartnumberonefanR🔥01.00
Lebrons playoff averages since 2017jhartnumberonefanD🔥01.00
Why are lakers underdogs Throwawayobvious1eD🔥🗑19
Can we chill out with the Heat hype a bit TheDollaLamaD👎🏻240.30
What do you think lakers draft pick team look like in alternate universedtairdotaD👎🏻40.33
Doc Rivers is a subpar coach who gets labeled elite and has been given a pass for winning 1 chip with a loaded Celtics roaster JmontavsD🔥71.00
How does a zone defense perplex an NBA team so much nedryerson48D🔥130.80
Would you give up your 2nd best player for Draymond Green ashbjjD🔥180.75
With reports that the Celtics are imploding in their locker room is the bubble a crazy science experiment odinlubumetaD👏🏻150.50
How many people would you take over Giannis in the playoffs Ace_FGCD🔥90.75
Lakers or Nuggets in Game 5enchiladasftwD👎🏻250.44
The Celtics are 0-2 since Deuce Tatum joined his dad in the bubble24KobeGoatD🔥20.75
Should the Lakers avoid going up 3-1 against the Nuggets if possible VarolynD👎🏻10.33
Where do you rank Brad Stevens among the head coaches JeffKaplanIsDaddyD🔥🗑650.28
Brad Stevens has been exposed as a mediocre coach in the playoffsJeffKaplanIsDaddyD🔥🗑50.25
How would David Robinson do in todays league Riven4D👎🏻370.33
Who are guys in NBA history like Kawhi that just hooped so you couldn t laugh at him for losing xSavageLlamaxD👏🏻430.60
Who would win in a 7 Game series between the Nuggets and the Heat rahulraja8675D👏🏻230.63
Website that consolidated stats tylerthornhill1D🔥81.00
Kawhi Leonard about Paul George last summer - This is probably going to be my first time playing with an elite player of his level TheWhisperingDeathD👏🏻730.58
Is mark Jackson the son of Phil jackson PlatupusesD👏🏻480.65
Duncan Robinson likely to become the first and only player ever in history to have played in a Division III a Division I and a NBA championshipfeel_strongerR👏🏻290.51
Marcus Smart is screaming in the Celtics locker room and there is a bunch of arguing going on Smart comes out say y all on that bullshit Team is imploding Smart is in bathroom and there is still screaming coming from locker room papipablo99D🔥70.77
Has Spo been the best coach in the playoffs DionWaiteressD🔥180.92
Ben Simmons for FVV Powell From-LeBrontoD🔥🗑190.27
If the finals is Lakers vs Heat does Dion Waiters get a ring no matter who wins DionWaiteressD🔥130.80
The Heat are the dogs the media marketed the clippers asjhartnumberonefanD🔥460.88
Jae Crowders incredible 3 point jumpRudyGuobertD🔥61.00
Thoughts on Celtics late game offense stefanfan101D🔥130.84
Brad Stevens is a smart basketball coach but he has no grit factorBreakingGarrickD🔥🗑310.26
The Heat and Nuggets getting so far in the playoffs is proof that the Bubble has a major impact on resultseugene_murphy_jrD🔥🗑310.18
Is Jimmy Butler top 20 all time if he leads the HEAT To a title haskins_fukd_my_girlD🔥🗑90.27
What kind of fade Dragic got igot2pairD🔥31.00
Miami Heat overcome 17 point deficit to defeat the Boston Celtics in game 2 of the Eastern Conference FinalsBreydanLD🔥31.00
Is there an adjustment for the Celtics to make akin to the Raptors putting Kawhi on Giannis starting in Game 3 of the ECF last year EarthWarpingD🔥320.70
Would anyone be that surprised at this point if the Heat go on to sweep the Celtics MaxEhrlichD👏🏻170.58
Like it or Hate it Miami vs DenverEliSWitt97D🔥🗑100.29
Put some respect on the heat Zer0ifiD👏🏻20.64
Is Brad Stevens a fraud iksnetD🔥🗑210.28
The Miami Heat are officially 10-1 in these playoffs jorgery22D🔥650.98
The Heat are now 10-1 in the 2020 playoffsGuerra2001D🔥80.96
Duncan Robinsondaveytree3D👏🏻140.50
Olynyk 3 in the key call clip requestZachOO69D🔥20.84
Is bread steve an overrated coach wallstbigboy69D👎🏻130.32
Would the league not be insanely more entertaining if 10 teams were removed squareddimensionsD👎🏻120.36
Why is Kawhi Leonard is getting a pass Amitman0707D🔥🗑100.27
Russell Westbrook StatsFrrosty9R👏🏻10.67
Russel Westbrook StatsFrrosty9R👏🏻30.67
The Denver Nuggets Have Faced The Los Angeles Lakers In Every WCF They ve Been In mapcoveredinsapD🔥140.92
Has anyone besides LeBron been able to get a call turned by yelling at the refs Carmelo_Anthony_Ay_PD🔥🗑70.14
Golden StateImOnRedditBoysD🔥🗑40.17
Lebron James and OBJ unite message for POLITICAL reform not just police reformshtty_analogyD🔥20.80
Kneeling not being shown on the national broadcast BighannoD🔥31.00
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