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Cool Idea I hadquitecat84R🔥11.00
James Harden is the 2nd greatest offensive shooting guard of all time Kobe_Wan_Kenobi24D🔥🗑90.17
How do you feel about John Wall potentially sitting out another year making 40 million dollars Kobe_Wan_Kenobi24D👏🏻90.50
BREAKING Ben Simmons has been traded to the Spurs pedroshoekingD🔥🗑70.27
What is Sam Presti end goal with OKC I think it s rare to get another kd harden westbrook type playerszakaria20199R👏🏻80.56
Luka Doncic or Paul George dmister8R🔥61.00
u AliensAreDope the redditor who didnt exist 2 months ago is positing relocation conspiracies about the T-Wolves - is he Marc Lore ArchmaesterTinfoilD🔥120.75
Grief Intuit Dome s seats will have the most leg room of any NBA arena the team said with its upper-deck seats featuring more leg room than the current seats in Staples Center s lower bowl nonbiasednbafanD🔥20.70
Those who remember 2005-2007 NBA vividly - What happened to Saras How did it go so wrong AyoOwlD🔥71.00
People who still think MJ is the GOAT why abbycat1590D👏🏻20.50
My Award picks for the 2021-22 NBA season luka_fraudcic_burnerD🔥90.80
The Athletic Marc Gasol is a name to watch for the Warriors anthonyVslater writes It may never materialize but he has the exact passing acumen and center skill set that has traditionally fit Steve Kerr s offense best GuyCarbonneauGOATD🔥11.00
Need some ideas for the name of a basketball score app121910R👏🏻110.67
Why is it rarely mentioned that Curry has failed to sniff the playoffs since Durant left Golden State FloridaFludder6D🔥🗑390.17
Why isn t it rarely mentioned that Steph Curry has failed to sniff the playoffs since Durant left Golden State FloridaFludder6R🔥21.00
Is Michael Jordan A Genuine Narcissist ProudlymediocreD👎🏻240.30
I think the Warriors should make a big trade with the Grizzlies to acquire good role players HeyNow16D👎🏻60.44
Who was the Best Rahul____RajaR🔥01.00
Why don t the 76ers just void Ben Simmons contract for non-performance of duties supercharged0709D🔥🗑250.25
Ben Simmons mentally is the weakest athleteBolond44D🔥🗑40.09
Who are some NBA players who bet on themselves and lost shiftyt05D👏🏻90.50
Do some players shoe contract were for on-court only East-Doughnut1404D🔥110.75
Midseason Tournament dont give prize money to the players Give it to the fans acacia-club-roadD🔥🗑320.27
If Doncic was named Jaquarious and went to Duke would he have still gone 3 gymmaxxerD🔥🗑150.25
Is Larry Bird top 20 abbycat1590D🔥🗑180.22
Why is kyrie s flat earth stuff always brought up but not Steph curry s moon landing hoax assumptions ManiacGuruD👎🏻80.45
Can we stop talking about injuries like theyre completely unpreventable and only happen because of bad luck AskeslD🔥🗑140.29
Better quality starters who makes a bigger impact on there team Aaron Gordon is being paid 23M annually more than Jae Crowder Duncan Robinson Caris LeVert TJ Warren Malcolm Brogdon amp Clint CapelaGoomby-or-GlootieD👎🏻110.40
Who do you think are the hottest and sexiest women in WNBA history dee85D👏🏻20.50
Aaron Gordon is being paid 23M annually more than Jae Crowder Duncan Robinson Caris LeVert TJ Warren Malcolm Brogdon amp Clint CapelaGoomby-or-GlootieR🔥01.00
Dennis Schr der on Instagram I m gonna do this ONE time Insert your best fumbled the bag joke here SarcasticCroissantD🔥20.80
Kinda NBA noob in UKJames8491R🔥21.00
Ben to the blazersSuspiciousSpydermanD👎🏻140.43
Most annoying player fan base in the nba Pedophile_In_TherapyD👎🏻140.40
Sixers Wall trade ideajack64467R🔥21.00
Which NBA team should I I support Walter_MatthewR🔥11.00
PSA NBA App now available on PS5 too HogofWar8R🔥01.00
How does this hypothetical Big-3 compare to other teams best 3 players FarWestErosD👏🏻30.50
Who are the known players not to have received the vaccine Anti-vaxKDD👏🏻130.56
My current top 10 NBA playersAwkward-Speech7375D🔥🗑20.17
Best of seven seven sevenCrash_BandicoolR🔥31.00
Was Jordan cheating dcflyD🔥🗑170.24
Matt Barnes Becky Benlucas10D🔥51.00
Did Jordan know he was cheating dcflyD🔥🗑110.19
Serious By the time Kevin Durant retires do you believe hell have more rings than LeBron James And would surpassing him in rings while keeping his elite scoring put him higher all-time nonbiasednbafanR🔥71.00
What are some of the best cumulative advanced stats metricsNovel-Sheepherder582D👎🏻120.33
Has there been any nba players who their prime at 30 zakaria20199D👏🏻190.67
What team should I supportExtension_Metal82R🔥31.00
Rank these big wings from best to worst Jerami Grant Harrison Barnes Tobias Harris Andrew Wiggins amp Aaron Gordon Goomby-or-GlootieD🔥191.00
Rank these big wings from best to worst Jerami Grant Harrison Barnes Tobias Harris amp Aaron Gordon Goomby-or-GlootieR🔥31.00
Lebron On Homosexualityledgemann-67D🔥🗑100.23
John Wall 2 unprotected firsts which has a great chance to be top 5 next year for Ben Simmons and Danny Green Diamond4Hands4EverD🔥🗑370.08
Let s end the debate now Jordan or LowryContakuD🔥🗑30.25
Can peak LeBron beat up Jon Jones in a fight Siakam360D👏🏻60.50
Nikola Jokic is miles above LeBron James and it wont be closesdlotusD👏🏻120.61
Did the Milwaukee Bucks use deer senses to steal game five in Phoenixbonziwellsayo2R👏🏻00.67
Conflicted NBA FanTimDotThomasD🔥🗑70.25
Analysis How the Bucks won game 5 in Phoenix 2021 NBA finals bonziwellsayo2D🔥21.00
Is there a way to single out 3 point plays on nba com or elsewhere CoachFrikkiR🔥01.00
In 2021-22 well know once and for all if Bradley Beal can be a superstarRVarkiR🔥60.99
Dennis Schroder letting fans decide his jersey numberTheRoyaleDudenessD🔥51.00
ANTEVA scholarship programAgitated_Neat6716D🔥🗑00.17
In what order would you place Kawhi Harden amp Jokic Goomby-or-GlootieD🔥410.88
If another Malice at the Palace type incident happened this season who would be involved DesiDarkLord16D👏🏻200.50
The Lakers dont catch enough heat for offering Dennis Schroeder 84 million dollars Kobe_Wan_Kenobi24D👏🏻130.50
Damaged Defeated Destructive Ben Simmons Struggle and Self-Sabotage executivedisfunktionD👎🏻50.40
Dennis Schr der manoeuvred himself into a dilemma and you can decide it s outcome Anzeige_ist_rausD👎🏻90.40
NBA star Dennis Schr der lets fans vote on jersey number at the Celticss0ny4aceR🔥41.00
nbastreams discord StilIDreaminR🔥01.00
Georgetown AI or Bulls MJKing22832D👎🏻180.33
Harden 2015-2020ab9912R🔥01.00
Why is Harden Luka a debate Kobe_Wan_Kenobi24D👏🏻20.50
Counter Attack Media - NBAChazfazR👏🏻00.67
LeBron averaged 27 0 7 4 7 4 in his four years of high school LeBron has also averaged exactly 27 0 7 4 7 4 in his 18 year NBA career OutlandishLazinessD🔥60.71
TOP 5 NBA SHOES of all time ever in galactic history you guys think The_GiGAHEARTR👏🏻40.67
How did scottie barnes go number 4 JaMorantMVPD🔥🗑460.24
Learning the game of basketball as an adultApathyBeam77D🔥110.75
LeBron James game-winning shot against the Golden State Warriors last May resulted in dozens of concession workers at the Warriors home arena Chase Center losing their health care for a month nonbiasednbafanD🔥30.71
Other than Kelly Oubre who is the cutest NBA player right nowbonziwellsayo2D👎🏻200.42
highly recommend basketball documentary Last Chance U BasketballkauselD🔥40.83
My top 10 Players of all timeCroderrzzD👎🏻110.40
NBA Name Fact There has never been an NBA player named Colin JacoIIID👎🏻60.40
Who s a player that you hate for the most pointless reason imgoingbaldlolR🔥51.00
Autograph Identification ThoreaushadeauR🔥41.00
Why Jimmy Butler is better at basketball than Micheal JordanPumpycatD🔥🗑60.25
Lowry overrated by raptors fansSeaFoot1580D👏🏻60.50
STEPHEN CURRYs GRAVITY is the most undersaid underdiscussed underappreciated undervalued undereverything in history of everything in of all sports ever born in galactic history of all time ever The_GiGAHEARTD🔥🗑50.25
Out toeing problemLenkagamine13R🔥01.00
Tony Kukoc is incrediblepen15clubvipmemberR👏🏻00.57
Advanced stats comparison of LeBron KD Curry and Harden since 2012 2013 regular season and playoffsAwkward-Speech7375R👏🏻70.56
Who are your top 5 most overrated players of the last decade CyborgKriegerD🔥🗑270.20
Interesting trade proposal my friend suggested - Ben Simmons PHI for Trae Young ATL straight up truthordeathpleaseD🔥🗑140.09
Who are your top 5 most overrated NBA players of the past decade Doesnt need to be ordered CyborgKriegerR🔥01.00
How much better would the Bulls be with an elite 3 and D at SF And DeRozan as a super 6th man FrankieParadiceD👏🏻100.50
Why did the NBA never go ahead with their plan to put advertisements on Jerseys paradise867D👎🏻60.38
The malice in the palaceJJL_productionsR👏🏻100.67
Only two players have multiple seasons of averaging at least 2 steals a game and at least 1 block a game Michael Jordan and Hakeem Olajuwon Devils1993D🔥71.00
Only three players in NBA history have averaged atleast 2 steals per game and 1 block per game for an entire season Michael Jordan Hakeem Olajuwon and David Robinson Devils1993D🔥01.00
Only 7 players in the history of the NBA has won both scoring and assist titles ashbjjD🔥170.80
Serious Should the Phoenix Suns or Denver Nuggets be trying to acquire Ben Simmons What would a package by either team look like nonbiasednbafanD🔥🗑270.29
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