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Lakers fanboys where are you now trelos6D👎🏻360.42
Clutch 3pt shooting Ray Allen 36 Stephen Curry 34 RareSirD👏🏻160.50
Clutch 3 pt shooting Ray Allen 40 Steph Curry 34 RareSirD🔥01.00
Who out of the next crop of stars can be All-Time Greats b-bballtubingD🔥🗑70.20
Best ball handler in the league BWalsh10D🔥51.00
One Last Dance noah7130D👏🏻10.67
What does LeBron James have to do to surpass Furkan Korkmaz yossariancathcartD🔥61.00
What s popping with the Bronster RichPauID👎🏻90.33
What does LeBron James have to to in order to pass Steph Curry all time I-AM-A-PEDOD👎🏻150.33
How would you feel if you found out your favorite team was being moved to a very far away location Would you still be a fan of said team newdays277R🔥11.00
ringer group chatbarcus4x4D👎🏻110.38
I hope the cavaliers fall draft positionsOwnanteater6D👏🏻80.50
If you had to kiss Westbrook or Damian Lillard who would you choose ayyrodD👏🏻360.54
anyone finding all these injuries a little weirdbasketballgearsD👎🏻30.40
4-Way Tie BreakeritsdazzabD🔥81.00
Some of the people here need to chill on KD even if some have good intentionsthisguy2164D👎🏻60.33
The 5-8 seeds in the West currently have the same record 42-30 All 4 teams are 3 games behind the 3rd seed Rockets -HeisenBird-D🔥31.00
4 way tie in the West between OKC Utah Portland and San AntonioSnydernJazzSystemD🔥90.75
After Jazzs loss tonight there is currently a 4 way tie between the 5th to 8th seed in the WestGatherLemonR🔥01.00
In 5 weeks Paul George and the Oklahoma City Thunder will be eliminated in the first round again again They have no cap space Lather rinse repeat KolaJ23D🔥🗑200.25
This week MDA opted to rest some of our rotation reason being theres too many guysgmann2k10D👏🏻20.50
Whats better for Zion 8-0 finals record with 8 finals MVPs and lose to North Dakota State tomorrow or 6-0 finals record with 6 finals MVPs im___new___hereD🔥🗑80.17
In 5 weeks Paul George and the Oklahoma City Thunder will be eliminated in the first round again again They have no cap space Lather rinse repeat KolaJ23D🔥🗑130.18
Hey idk if anyone has heard the news but Denver had 5 players score 15 tonight03notnarbjD👎🏻00.33
If the Suns get the number 1 pick They should go for Ja Morant not Zion PhuddyD🔥🗑70.20
Lebron isn t too mad he missed the playoffs right TwoxifyD🔥21.00
Serious 2014 has a redraft how much does the lottery selections change for you RaeedcD👏🏻270.63
Hey You guys need to chill out on KD right now this stuff is bigger than Basketballthisguy2164D👎🏻140.38
Player A or Player B Kobe-In-ColoradoD🔥41.00
Player A or Player B Kobe-In-ColoradoD👎🏻70.33
Is Kobe a rapist Kobe-In-ColoradoD🔥🗑240.29
OC I put together a little compilation just to show the younger fans how explosive Charles Barkley was in his prime reposting because it was deleted by accident moby323D🔥41.00
META Within reason a small amount of posts about top NBA prospects would greatly benefit r nbae_a_blairR👏🏻90.57
Do you get any props for being always available and playing a lotta minutes gmann2k10D🔥61.00
South Carolina produces the best basketball talent easily DownSouthWithANasFloD👎🏻640.40
Future 2 Pick Ja Morant today 19 points 12 rebounds 16 assistsRockstar408D🔥380.82
Prospective lottery pick Ja Morant finishes the game at 17 16 11Cactusjack2000D🔥91.00
How are y all feeling about Ja Morant BWalsh10D🔥241.00
Western Canadian Expansion PortlandSweptR👏🏻120.67
morant on the suns is a western conf championship teamthreeisaMAD🔥🗑130.24
Kobe on load management No the only time I took a load off is when I couldn t walk The thing about taking loads off is the loads in your life go by really really quickly So you want to make sure you don t miss any of those moments That s whExiled_SwingmanD👏🏻290.64
Serious If the NBA added a team in say Seattle West and St Louis East how would the Divisions by reorganized ccPolarBear4KTVD👎🏻280.43
Why isn t Ja Morant seen as just as good if not better of a prospect as Zion Williamson InAingeWeTrustD🔥420.73
Ja Morant for the SunsWillem_DafuqD🔥111.00
Whys Chris Bosh not criticized for being a ring chaser like Kevin Durant amp LeBron James Varnagel_1D👏🏻150.67
Does LeBron have the best FA pitch this offseason Sign with Lakers and get cast in Space Jam WhydidideletemyaccouD🔥🗑160.29
What is the best pro player-comp for RJ Barrett jbleiweisD🔥350.75
Best NBA Lineups 1 PHI - JJ Ben Joel Butler Harris 2 DEN - Millsap Will Gary Joker Murray 3 TOR - Kyle Kawhi Jonas Siakam Green 27 GSW - KD Klay Steph Boogie DrayBusinesscardvarkD🔥01.00
Check out our season review schryvermacgyverD👏🏻40.50
Lauri Markkanen is the first Power Forward in Bulls franchise history to average at least 18ppg under the age of 25 NBAKefkaD🔥190.75
How would you rate a team of Steph Jrue LeBron Dray Jokic PortlandSweptD👏🏻60.50
Why does the Rockets organization campaign for the MVP award ZAZA_IS_SATAND👏🏻200.50
Who is a better commissioner Adam Silver or Dana White ChrisKamanMeMouthR👏🏻240.57
Jeff Teague will miss the playoffs for the first time in his careerMainMendozaD🔥80.95
Do you think Kevin Durants legacy with Golden State Warriors will be remembered fondly Varnagel_1D🔥150.80
The Caucasian Charles BarkleycybersecpD🔥110.72
If the Thunder get a first round exit again would trading Westbrook and PG for every single asset you can get for rebuilding be the best move for the Thunder Use_Your_Illusion3D👎🏻240.45
KD is going to sign with The Thunder in the off season MARK MY WORDS nbafanloverD🔥🗑180.14
Most Americans think Michael Jordan is the GOAT over LeBron James and its not even closefrailtyofhumanityD👎🏻170.45
Why is Kawhi Leonard rated so high RichPauID🔥🗑180.14
Serious What are the big differences between what was yelled in the OKC game last night and what happened in Utah a week ago Fcivish4D🔥200.87
Who is the best snitch currently playing in the NBA GodKingRamseyIID🔥🗑180.24
When defending Jonas Valanciunas eho scored 33 in the Grizzlies major victory over the Rockets James Harden held him to 0-6 FG 1 point FT and 2 turnovers lolylolertonD🔥11.00
OKC fan appears to yell n-word at Pascal Siakam after he made a free throwSwagsomeanR👏🏻50.57
OKC fan calls Siakam the N word while hes shooting free throwsPZinger6D🔥80.75
Kevin Durant talking NBA ad suggestion TinyMiniChibiD🔥🗑90.19
In 10 years they should make an MVP runner up Award and name it after James Hardenshazam_7R👏🏻80.53
SERIOUS NBA Pace QuestionnaireMaxDekayD🔥10.80
Jamal Crawford is the black Steve BuscemimoreyballD🔥41.00
Is Andrew Wiggins a con artist SnydernJazzSystemD🔥130.70
Is Chandler Parsons the Fyre Festival if it were an NBA player EarlyTreeD👏🏻100.50
The Celtics are the most overrated team in the Eastgrunt60D👏🏻100.60
Kyle Lowry is the most overpaid player everdemlittlethingsD🔥🗑390.13
Since facing off in a double overtime thriller the Utah Jazz are 10-3 the OKC Thunder are 4-10 NitroXYZD🔥61.00
Why are there so many knee jerk reactions on this sub when a team has a great or poor moment CA98D🔥31.00
Player A or player B Kobe-In-ColoradoD🔥🗑170.25
Mods regulation of this subs is abysmal jabaswimD🔥80.80
The Dallas Mavericks are 2-13 in their last 15 gamesBarnahaskFCD🔥170.83
Someone yelled the N word at Pascal Siakim after a free throw in OKCWhenItsHalfPastFiveD👎🏻210.44
So what s Popping with the Bronster PortlandSweptD👎🏻130.42
EARLY PREDICTIONDownSouthWithANasFloD🔥🗑100.20
The OKC Thunder shot 15-29 51 7 from the free throw line tonight PortlandSweptD🔥130.91
I truly feel sorry for OKC fansWishfulAstronautD👎🏻400.49
Joe Ingles to a trash-talking kid Are you out here sitting courtside with your daddys money jazzerheroD🔥60.88
Could you score on the opposing teams basket on a free throw BrparadoxD🔥240.77
The San Antonio Spurs are quietly on a 1 Game Losing Streak after losing to the HeatHughGRextionD👎🏻40.37
Career averages Nick Collison vs Kwame BrownChris_goddD👎🏻10.45
Do you think if the Suns get the 2nd pick in the draft that they should draft RJ Barrett and trade Devin Booker ImHungryAsFuckD🔥🗑220.13
Billy Donovan has to goswitchlaynesD🔥90.83
Can someone fix the freakin standings sidebar noidentity63D👏🏻80.62
James Hardens 2019 season will never be as loved as Kobes 2006 season but you gotta give Harden props for not ra ing anyonewineinatallglassD👎🏻210.49
Request Kawhi Leonard dunking all over the OKC defensebrownjesus__D🔥100.89
Lets be real Kyrie Dame CP3 are all better than Westbrook b0redn0rdD👎🏻460.34
Do you think Kevin Durant is a one-trick pony being just great at scoring Varnagel_1D👎🏻140.33
The NBA would be so fucked if Russell Westbrook didnt have the basketball IQ of a peanut wineinatallglassD👎🏻190.34
FIRE Tony Brothers dwightshruteeD🔥250.87
Post-Game Thread The Toronto Raptors 50-21 defeat the Oklahoma City Thunder 42-29 in OT 123-114 led by 33 13 from Pascal Siakam JC_FrostD🔥650.92
Can someone update the standings in the sidebar goosboosD🔥40.94
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