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If Bucks win next two games they d be playing 1 less game in the post season than Denver NicolasNameD👏🏻20.50
Revised WCF 2016 Game 6 Thunders last 8 possessions up 97-93AcceptableDrive0R👏🏻60.60
Western Conference Finals 2016 Last 6 Possessions for the Thunder Game Tied 101-101badpizzaisstillgoodD👎🏻40.43
The Warriors are better without DurantLarBrd33D🔥🗑160.27
Make the Conference Finals a best of 3 and lets jump to the Finals already ecapsoudD🔥🗑110.27
Lillard No Excuses YouHaveBeenBaptizedD👎🏻390.41
The Golden State defense in the allowed the Blazers 66 points in the first half They still didnt allow Portland to score 100 on them JayveesacD🔥120.91
Oracle will get its extra game Curry will make it happen Expect a fixed game for Game 4 WickedFierce1D🔥🗑50.29
The defense and excuses Dame is getting is ridiculous jabaswimD👏🏻520.63
Prepare yourselves Reddit is going down again soon jackmakesblackjacksD🔥🗑00.00
Warriors are pussies for begging for KD wouldnt have won shit without him webehighrollinD🔥🗑00.00
Lets not forget TWO teams managed to lose a series to PORZion2PHXD🔥🗑00.00
Do you think Riley Curry has the potential to develop into the hot milf that Sonya Curry is depressededgelord01D🔥🗑150.15
Who are your thumbs up and thumbs down players for the warriors - trail blazers Game 3 and why jesteronlyD🔥240.73
A little ironic the Warriors 3 homegrown stars are showing outCupertinoCAD👏🏻280.59
Warriors should definitelyGoodisworthfighting4D🔥90.71
Who would you rather take Steph Curry or Giannis Auntytictacoreo depressededgelord01D🔥🗑270.21
The reason people argue the Warriors are better without KD BigBoy2523D🔥🗑80.29
The Blazers should do everyone a favor and forfeit game 4mek23D🔥🗑270.28
Can we call 40 from 3 the Cop Line Jeffert89D👎🏻260.45
Curry could be the greatest of all time Lillard is a worthless POSDasani13D🔥🗑200.13
After three games of the WCF Damian Lillard has 14 turnovers and 15 made field goalsJoakimFreeThrowD🔥91.00
Paul pierce said this series is over How can the blazers match up against the bucks neautralfanD🔥🗑40.25
What happened to Andre Iguodala tonight xavierjfongD👏🏻180.50
Random thoughtkcguy1990D🔥🗑30.09
OC Dissecting the Blazers playoff woes against Golden StateMysuggahD👎🏻150.35
Draymond Green is worth the SUPERMAX on any teamfeleceD👏🏻150.58
I can t believe I m saying this but Give me Playoff harden over playoff Lillard neautralfanD👎🏻500.36
Serious People actually think the Bucks stand any chance against these Warriors EatMyShittyAssholeD👎🏻150.33
Whats the worst look Getting swept by the Warriors without KD or getting swept by the Pelicans91jumpstreetD👎🏻560.41
Lebron is scared of stephJohnOD4D👎🏻60.33
Damian Lillard has recorded only one more field goal 15 than turnovers 14 this seriesCP3-24D🔥41.00
GIF request Mike Breen Curry for 3 to a curry miss 4Q 2 minswasyayayaD🔥🗑60.25
Does KD s chances of leaving the Warriors increase with every game they win without him firstdays234D👎🏻470.43
Draymond Green can stop Giannis in his tracksLunaticDeanAmbroseD👎🏻420.35
How many players can score no matter what kind of defense they are facing bossrossfanclubD🔥290.75
CJ McCollum just bricked both free throws and aired a three immediately after Has there been a worse single play this season CP3-24D👏🏻60.67
A majority of this sub should recant their praise of Damian Lillard jabaswimD👎🏻140.30
Amazing how lame CJ and Dame look kimjohngoonD🔥120.70
Lillard chokingrightobruvD👎🏻350.46
Damian Lillard is a damn fraud13-53D👏🏻570.54
serious do you find Portland a bit boring OldmoutcidersD👎🏻120.33
Dame is better than steph steph doesnt have to deal with double teams YummyCrummyD🔥🗑130.13
Serious How is Nurkic walking without crutches so quickly DeMVP_DeMarD👏🏻190.50
How is Nurkic walking on his own without crutches DeMVP_DeMarR👏🏻180.67
Unpopular opinion increased physicality in the playoffs allows for more subjectivity in reffing WhydidideletemyaccouD👎🏻230.45
State Farm ad where Rockets mascot starts firing tshirts after hearing start of HT songthrowawaythursday99R👏🏻10.67
The only reason Meyers Leonard was made a starter last minute was bcuz Kerr made Damian Jones a starter last minute This was an adjustment Stotts shouldve made after like the first possession of game 1 rjnk68D👏🏻210.56
Zach Collins hairwineinatallglassD👎🏻220.42
Did the curry parents bother to show up to their other kids home game Didnt watch pregame todaypackersSB55champsD👏🏻80.50
Hopefully one of Iguodalas bicep implants exploded Sick of seeing his bitch face on my TV gonejustlikethatD🔥🗑140.23
Where is c j McCollum IKnowEverythingtbhD🔥🗑80.22
Dames wasting too much time dribbling the ball almost near half court then attacking with 14 seconds left to literally find himself getting blitzed every single time and then the Blazers offense goes into scramble moderjnk68D🔥70.70
When I go to the barber how do I ask for Zach Collins haircut LebronMissWCPlayoffsD🔥290.72
Did you guys see Andre Iguodala flip the camera off NorthP503D👏🏻80.60
Odd starting lineup from KerrmbkthrowawayD👏🏻400.53
In what way is lebron better than Jordan MySisterGotBigTitsD🔥🗑420.27
Power ranking the best NBA team subredditsandrew2018022D🔥🗑200.29
If the Bucks make the Finals Giannis will have faced zero All-NBA first or second team players throughout the Eastern Conference playoffskobmugD👎🏻60.38
For the people that say Steph has already surpassed magic close to it whats stopping him from becoming top 3 all time and passing LeBron Kareem IKnowEverythingtbhD🔥🗑240.20
What kind of contract would a guy that literally couldnt miss but can only play 10 minutes per game get IKnowEverythingtbhR🔥51.00
What kind of contract would a guy that literally couldnt miss any shot he took but can only play 10 minutes a game get IKnowEverythingtbhD👏🏻490.50
If KD doesnt play another game this post season and Warriors go on to win the ring how damaging is it to KDs legacy or his reputation in the short term Does that actually make him want to resign with the Warriors even more guaranteed rings without plarjnk68D👎🏻190.33
Why does Chuck get a pass for pulling the original KD EmilianoZapatosVerdeR👏🏻230.57
What franchises would have given Lebron the highest chance of matching MJ or Kobes ring total after leaving Cleveland AirCincyD👏🏻260.67
NOLA s Best Optionflameee54R🔥11.00
The Top 30 NBA Players in the 2018-2019 Regular Season According to VARMSTR551D👏🏻80.63
you re starting a franchise from scratch Are you taking Kawhi or Giannis iheartquokkasD🔥231.00
This offseason is gonna be a whirlwindTonik3244D👏🏻30.50
Patrick Ewing is an underrated great earcher10D🔥130.89
The Top 25 NBA Players of All TimeSTR551D🔥520.78
Unpopular opinion who gives a shit if recreational drugs show up in a players drug testlokoloko12D👎🏻680.47
Foul on Arnold the Governatoravmr1506D🔥🗑70.27
Careful when using per 100 possessions stats for players they do NOT represent one game wass225D👎🏻60.40
Do you think Giannis will surpass Tim Duncan by the end of his career cherryappD👎🏻350.36
The way the fans and media give credit BigBoy2523R👏🏻420.57
With Kawhi now officially leaving the Raptors what is next for Toronto KarmaIsCensorshipD🔥🗑310.25
So if the Lakers trade for the Bulls 7th pick by sending Lonzo over would the Lakers most likely then go and trade the 4th and 7th and maybe another player for AD CladSadD🔥🗑100.25
How highly ranked was Kevin Durant at Oklahoma City Thunder Varnagel_1D👏🏻300.50
Theoretically speaking what type of PEDs Steroids would help a basketball player DirtyDonkeyGreenD👎🏻200.33
Misconception Lonzo Ball is a bad 3pt shooterDJ_27D🔥🗑310.29
Did people hate Ray Allen the same way they hate KDPocminD🔥🗑210.29
Why dont the 76ers get a new coach SK____D🔥🗑120.13
How to bet on the upcoming Warriors vs Bucks finals KarmaIsCensorshipD🔥🗑70.25
Maybe just maybe We are about to witness the GOAT winning his first championship at the age of 24aalluubbaaD👎🏻270.30
Since the 2012-13 NBA Season the LA series between the Clippers amp Lakers is 23-5 in the Clippers favor RedSoxEatPoopD👏🏻20.63
Is fake punching illegal mom-get-the-cameraD👏🏻110.64
If Giannis wins MVP and the Bucks win the championship this year against GSW with KD where do you think will that put him in the all time list KwijybodotaD👎🏻70.33
Houston is overly disrespected by this sub and the national mediaottershavemorefunD👏🏻140.50
How would the 2018-19 76ers stack up against the 1993-4 Utah Jazz 03notnarbjD🔥150.71
If a player is fouled six times and shoots 12 free throws how many times would you say he went to the line 6 or 12 tomkrishD👏🏻60.67
Why were the no post-game threads for the game last night JaxishaxD👏🏻90.50
I think the Bucks just might be pretty good2Runny4HoneyR🔥51.00
If the Blazers win big tonight does that change the narrative of the series at all or is it still just a cakewalk for the Warriors chrispdxD👏🏻30.50
Who would you rank higher Dwight Howard or Alonzo Mourning Ssumday_is_loveR🔥81.00
Has Nurse been a better coach for Toronto than Casey CruyffiaanD👎🏻60.40
The scoring spread of the Bucks main rotation players in the Celtics and Raptors series so fartheo7777D🔥00.75
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